CAS General/Distribution/University Requirements

Students should refer to the UVM Catalog for all University-wide and College of Arts and Sciences degree requirements.

Students must comply with the degree requirements as stated in a single catalogue edition in place during the time they are enrolled. The catalogue edition to be followed is the one in effect at the time the student matriculates at UVM, unless the student requests in writing to follow an edition that is published subsequently during their enrollment at UVM. Students may not mix requirements from different catalogues. 

Students who do not complete the degree within 7 years must comply with the requirements in the catalogue current at the date of readmission. Disputed rulings may be appealed to the Committee on Academic Standing.

Petitioning Requirements

Exceptions to the CAS Distribution or general requirements are under the purview of the Academic Studies Committee. For more information, please refer to the CAS Academic Studies Committee Petition Request form, or contact to meet with an advisor.