About Our Undeclared Major

Many students apply to the University of Vermont as "undeclared" majors -- still unsure where their academic passions lie or unwilling to choose between many areas of interest. We embrace that and have a plan to support students in their exploration. In most cases, a student will not have to select a major until the end of the first or second year at the university. Major/minor combinations, double majors and individually designed majors are all options.

In all of our undergraduate programs, the curriculum is designed to encourage exploration and to provide exposure to a variety of disciplines during the first two years of study. Particular interests are often discovered during this period.

Students in the process of choosing a major also are encouraged to take advantage of the excellent guidance and support provided by experienced counselors in UVM's Career Services. First semester of the first year is not too early to begin talking to Career Services about academic interests, major selection and related careers. Faculty advisors are another valuable resource to consult in this process.


It is not at all uncommon for students to change majors at the end of their first or second years at the university. Selecting a different major sometimes involves changing from one undergraduate school or college within the university to another. Provided a student is in good academic standing and that space is available in the new area of study selected, requests for a major change are, in most cases, easily accommodated, even when a school or college change within the university is involved.

Kimberly Hughes, Undeclared Professional Advisor

"As an advisor to Undeclared first years in CAS, my primary job is to reassure you that it’s perfectly normal to still be searching for your academic home at UVM! I’m also here to answer any questions you might have about the various majors, minors, and programs that you’re interested in exploring."
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A Class Offered Exclusively to CAS Undeclared Student

Undeclared students entering the College of Arts & Sciences are invited to participate in a course designed specifically for them. The course supports first-year Exploratory students in their transition to a college-level curriculum and helps them navigate all that the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer.