Intern in the community!

Whether you are in Vermont during the school year or at home during the summer, interning within your community is an excellent way to get hands-on experience. Follow the guides and steps below to find an internship in your subject area. Find more advice on our CAS Internship Program Website

Finding an Off-Campus internship:

Internship search engines:

  • Handshake - A job & internship search site geared toward UVM students.
  • UVM Connect - Connect with UVM alums to find little-advertised opportunities.
  • Vermont JobLink - Lists jobs & internships in Vermont. Run by the Vermont Department of Labor.
  • - Jobs & internships within the Vermont state government (includes rec programs and public works).
  • Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility - Internship program that matches students with internships at its partner businesses.
  • Good Food Jobs - Jobs & internships in food systems.
  • - Nationwide job & internship search site.
  • - Nationwide job & internship search site.
  • LinkedIn - Nationwide job & internship search site.
  • Seven Days - Statewide job & internship search site.

Internship Support from Academic Programs:

If you're looking for an internship specifically related to your academic subject, see if your department has resources to help you. Some of the more robust programs are listed here: 

Pathway exploration: 

Where have students gone in the past?

In the past few years, over 700 CAS students have held internships at many locations. To get a sense of where students have interned in the past, please check out our CAS Internship Program website

Internship Credit

Many students are able to get major credit through their departments. Check with your department to see if internship credit is available.

Internship credit is also available through AS-190, a variable credit internship course run by Richard Watts at the college level. This course allows any intern to get elective credit for their internship. During the summer, internship credit is still available under course number AS-190, but is taken online so that internships can be done anywhere in the world! 

Learn more about AS-190 internship credit

Internship Funding

Funding is available for summer internships only.

CAS Internship Scholarship

Scholarships up to $3,000 for students in the College of Arts and Sciences to cover travel and living expenses while they work at an unpaid or underpaid internship.



FOUR offers several funding opportunities for research and internships. Sometimes your internship, if it includes a lot of research, may qualify you for some of these alternate funding sources.

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