Impactful experiences can be found both indside and outside the classroom.

Student clubs and other UVM activities can help you develop teamwork, collaboration, timeliness, and more, just through your thoughtful participation! 

Just because its non-academic, does not mean it is non-essential!

UVM Student Clubs

There is a club for everyone. Over 80% of UVM students are involved in at least one club or organization - and with about 200 SGA recognized clubs, you're gauranteed to find an experience that will help you develop life-long skills. Find your club today!

Each CAS department offers a variety of events, programs, and clubs that can enhance your experience, and some have student clubs closely related to the department's subject area (for example MEDVIDA, Japanese Club, Law and Politics Club). Check out your department website and make sure you are reading the listserv to get involved.

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership | Intercultural Fluency | Creative Expression and Innovation

Practice organizing people and tasks to achieve specific goals, speaking effectively to individuals and groups, and understanding and using organizing principles.


Work on Campus

Building workplace skills in a familiar environment can help prepare you for internships or working in the community. On-campus employment takes many forms: academic departments need interns, support offices need detail-oriented employees, faculty members need help with research and projects. Jobs are available for all students, not just those with federal workstudy. Find out how you can get involved today!

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Intercultural Fluency | Analytical & Critical Thinking 

Use various forms and styles of written communication, convey a positive outlook to others, set goals and prioritize.


Campus Leadership

Getting involved in a leadership capacity on campus can tremendously impact your student experience at UVM (and job prospects in the future). From taking on a position in an SGA-recognized club or organization, becoming an resident advisor, or leading admissions tours - our campus is rife with opportunities that can help you develop skills while working with other students in exciting, experiential, and sometimes non-traditional ways.

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making | Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership

Learn to assess needs, apply information creatively, organize people and tasks to achieve specific goals.


NEXT STEP: Social Justice Retreat

Occurring each January, Next Step provides participants (undergraduate, graduate, staff and faculty) with an experience to dive deeper into the knowledge and skills around their own social identities. Participants learn how to become better change agents and activists against racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, religious discrimination, classism and other socially constructed oppressions.

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Intercultural Fluency | Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making | Information & Digital Literacy

Identify primary issues, create innovative solutions, synthesize facts, concepts & principles.


Student Government Association

Be in the room where it happens! Working with a team to improve the lives of the UVM student body is no easy feat. Communicating with staff, faculty and administrators all over UVM will test your abilities at every level. Learn how things get done at such a large institution and work to get your fellow students' voices heard. Learn more...

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Active Citizenship & Community Engagement | Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making | Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership

You'll organize people and tasks to achieve specific goals, speak effectively to individuals and groups, and identify problems and needs.


UVM Program Board (UPB)

UPB is a student-led group that plans campus events. If you are interested in event planning, or just want to get involved with a dynamic and fast-paced team environment, consider applying for UPB! Their main goal is to provide entertainment that meets the diverse needs fo the UVM campus. They have created, hosted and sponsored events like comedian Michelle Wolf, SpringFest, Laverne Cox, Battle fo the Bands, Weekly Pub Quizzes, and more. Get involved today

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership | Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making | Intercultural Fluency

Practice setting goals and prioritize, meeting deadlines, and delegating responsibility.


How do I start?

Figure out what type of work you want to get involved in... direct service? Fundraising? Student Government? 

Then reach out to the organizers of each opportunity to learn more!

Core Competencies

Underneath each program, we have listed the key Core Competencies you will be practicing through your participation. Think about which you would most like to develop and target your participation accordingly!