Strong relationships between students and faculty are essential for long-term success in academics and the workplace. As you progress through your time at UVM, make sure to look out for courses and programs that will increase your connection with our wonderful scholar-teachers. 

Teacher Advisory Program (TAP)

TAP is a writing-intensive elective program for first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences that combines an interactive course environment with careful academic advising. TAP seminars encourage students to approach major issues from a variety of points of view by developing creative projects and expressing what they learned through speech and writing. The professor, who also serves as an academic advisor, helps further explore a student's interests and academic goals.

TAP courses are offered in a variety of subjects are are great for helping students start to work with Professors and students outside their major. 

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Written, Visual & Oral Communication | Information & Digital Literacy | Analytical & Critical Thinking 



Liberal Arts Scholars Program

What’s the meaning of life? How do we create a just society? What defines beauty? What is our place in the natural world? How does science move society forward? If you have a passion for really big questions like these, the Liberal Arts Scholars Program (LASP) is a rewarding choice. In this first-year program, you will take from three to five integrated courses exploring core moral, aesthetic, social, environmental and scientific issues. The program launches your undergraduate education through deep exploration into the big questions faced by humans since antiquity—questions we grapple with today—and will start you on your journey at UVM. 

Because you learn and live with your LASP cohort, you will create a deep and lasting community of like-minded individuals, who will influence your decisions both during and after college. 

What you'll get

Core Competencies: Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership | Creative Expression and Innovation | Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making

You'll learn to define the parameters of a problem, use a variety of formats to present information imaginatively, and communicate a multicultural understanding.



Find a Faculty Mentor

Over your four years at UVM, you will have many opportunities to work closely with faculty mentors. There are a range of ways to find a mentor that is right for you. You might connect well with your assigned faculty advisor, or find a mentor in your favorite faculty member, through spending time with faculty in your department, through research, or with department-sponsored clubs or activities. Faculty members are just as excited about their topics as you are, so finding someone who can help you find your way is both valuable and enjoyable!

If you don't know where to start, check myUVM! Your current assigned advisor appears on the Student tab in your Academic Profile.



As you start honing in on your specific area of interest, you will begin to see courses at higher levels decrease in class size and scope of topic. These smaller format classes will allow you to connect on a deeper level with your faculty members. It is in these classes that many students make connections with their professors that will lead to further research opportunities.

During your senior year, you will take at least one 200-level senior seminar. These small courses are meant to help you dive deeper into your area of interest and will help you form lasting bonds with your professors. 

Experts Abound

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are expert teachers and experts in their fields of study. Check out some of the recent academic accomplishments of CAS faculty in this publication.

Professor Jeff Marshall exhibits rare books from the Silver Special Collections Library to a small seminar in Billings.

Choose a seminar

Checkout the course catalogue to find out what types of 100 and 200 level seminar courses are usually offered by your department. 

Core Competencies

Underneath each program, we have listed the key Core Competencies you will be practicing through your participation. Think about which you would most like to develop and target your participation accordingly!