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Research and/or Creative Works

My interests center on chemoreception using Paramecium, a single-celled animal, as a model. These cells are like little swimming neurons and, like our neurons that detect odors or tastes, they respond to stimuli by membrane electrical changes.

We approach sensing of chemical stimuli on several levels:

  • membrane biochemistry to identify receptors and "signal transduction" components that turn a chemical stimulus signal into anelectrical one;
  • molecular genetics to clone genes for receptors and other proteins in chemoreception and to make predictable changes in the gene and protein sequences;
  • measurements of calcium and calcium metabolism by fluorescence and isotopic methods;
  • measurements of internal, second messengers such as cyclic nucleotides;
  • electrophysiology to characterize membrane electrical changes;
  • motion analysis to digitize normal and mutant swimming.

We are extending our expertise in plasma membrane calcium pumps (PMCAs) to mouse olfactory neurons. We have found 4 PMCAs in mouse olfactory neurons, and loss of PMCAs in knockout animals (courtesy of G. Shull) slows calcium clearance after stimulation.

Judith Van Houten, Ph.D. Biography


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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Chemical signal transduction


  • Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of British Columbia, NIH Postdoctoral Fellow


  • (802) 656-2922
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