Biology Seminar Spring 2018
Master List
Location: 102 Aiken

January 29, 2018 No seminar

February 5, 2018 Aimee Classen, PhD     Host: Nick Gotelli
   Associate Professor
   University of Vermont
   Rubenstein School Environmental & Natural Resources
“Exploring soil biodiversity and ecosystem function using Macro-ecological and experimental approaches”

February 12, 2018 Seth Frietze, PhD     Host: Alicia Ebert
   Assistant Professor
   University of Vermont
   Medical Laboratory & Radiation Science
   “Epigenomics of human viruses”

February 19, 2018 Holiday No Seminar

February 26, 2018 Serita Frey, PhD      Host: Aimee Classen
   Professor of Soil Microbial Ecology
   University of New Hampshire
   Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
“Going underground – Integrating ecological and –omics approaches to unearth microbial responses to global change”

March 5, 2018  Glen Ernstrom, PhD     Host: Janet Murray
   Assistant Professor
   Middlebury College
   Department of Biology & Neuroscience

March 12, 2018  Spring Recess No Seminar

March 19, 2018  Daniel McGlinn, PhD     Host: Lauren Ash
   Assistant Professor
   College of Charleston
   Department of Biology
“Embracing scale-dependence to achieve a deeper understanding of biodiversity and its change across communities”

March 26, 2018  Kristen DeAngelis, PhD     Host: Aimee Classen
   Assistant Professor
   University of Massachusetts Amherst
   Department of Microbiology
“Microbial mechanisms of soil carbon loss in a warming world: insight from a 30 year field experiment”

April 2, 2018  Shahid Naeem, PhD     Host: Lindsey Pett
   Columbia University
   Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
   “Biological diversity as a multidimensional construct”

April 9, 2018  Nina Therkildsen, PhD     Host: Melissa Pespeni
   Assistant Professor
   Cornell University
   Department of Natural Resources
   “Next generation genomics for marine conservation and fisheries management”

April 16, 2018  Charles Goodnight, PhD
   University of Vermont
   Department of Biology
   “The Phenotypic Perspective In Evolution: A Postmodern Synthesis”

April 23, 2018  TBD

April 30, 2018  Wes Larson, PhD
   Professor      Host: Taylor Stewart &
   University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point   Jason Stockwell
   USGS Cooperative
“The importance of preserving adaptive genetic diversity: lessons from Pacific salmon and applications of Great Lakes fishes”