Biology Seminars Fall 2018

Location: 110 Rowell Bldg.
Time: Mondays, Noon to 12:50 p.m.

October 22, 2018                  Jason Bond, PhD
                                                University of California Davis
                                                Department of Entomology & Nematology
                                               “Spider phylogenomics and the evolution of silk use in prey capture”
October 29, 2018                  Michelle Mendoza, PhD
                                                University of Utah
                                                Department of Oncological Science
                                                Huntsman Cancer Institute
                                               “Signaling for Cell Migration: RAS’s RSKy Adventures in the Cytoskeleton”  

November 5, 2018                Eyal Amiel, PhD
                                                University of Vermont
                                                College of Nursing and Health Science
                                                Department of Biomedical and Health Science
                                               “Cell-intrinsic Glycogen Metabolism Supports Dendritic Cell Immune Function”

November 12, 2018              Kerry Woods, PhD.
                                                Bennington College
                                                Department of Natural Resources
                                                “Imagined Forests: Long-term studies and evolving ideas about community and ecosystem properties in old-growth temperate forests”

November 26, 2018              Donna Toufexis, PhD
                                                University of Vermont
                                                Department of Psychological Science
                                                “The expression and modulation of habitual behavior in the female rat”

December 3, 2018                 Jennifer Koop, PhD.
                                                Assistant Professor
                                                University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
                                                Department of Biology