Senior Projects


Ruby Bates, Split, 35mm film (still), 2020
Erin Bundock, Cycle Ten (detail), cotton blends, muslin, felt, screen prints, machine embroidery, embroidery floss, beads, 2020
Allie Calabrese, Wire Walker, digital print, 2019
Neville Caulfield, Reprise (from Pink Granite series),Kodak Portra 400, 2019
Eleanor Connolly, Temperature Analysis, Acrylic on Canvas, 2.5'x3,' 2019
Charlotte Coughlin, Untangled, woodcut, 18x12," 2019
Abbie Foley, Jackson, 35mm film (still), 2019
Chloe Foster, CANYON, stoneware, 15 x 27 x 17,” 2019
Jacob Hartman, 3000+ DEATHS, crayon, marker, pen on paper 22"x30," 2020
Phylicia Hodges, μεράκι (Meraki), stoneware, 7.5"x13," 2019
Aleda Kirstein, Monument, acrylic on canvas, 100" x 60," 2020
Sophie Kluckhuhn, Upcycled Quilt, 12 yards long, 2020
Katelyne Lipton, A Hopeful Future, acrylic, on canvas 34"x25," 2018
Savannah Maroun, Patterned, silkscreen on Coventry with Digital rendering, initial 8"x 8," 2020
Alexis Martinez, Today's Color, acrylic on canvas, 24x36,” 2020
Alanna Melita, Paper Doll (detail), 2019, silkscreen, 16x10”
Atalaya Murphy, 20/20 Vision, digitally manipulated imagery, wood, animation paint, paper, 2020
Jossie Norris, Juvenile vansemberuu, silkscreen ink on paper, 12x18,” 2020
Amanda Palumbo, Kati Horna Study, acrylic on canvas, 18x20,” 2019
Zoe Pancic, Self Portrait, charcoal and chalk pastel, 50”x55,” 2018
Olivia Payne, Intensity, digital print, 8.5x11," 2018
Liza Sem, Hood Playground, Found Objects 5' x 6' x 3,' 2019
Brooke van Buiten, Self, woodcut print; Size: 10"x24," 2018
Rachael Wells, She Always Liked the Color Blue, earthenware, 8.5"x2.5"x8.5," 2018