Assistant Professor

Christopher Kojzar received his BA from George Washington University and his MFA from the University of Maryland - Baltimore County. A shortlist of residencies includes the Agency for Artists in Exile in Paris, La Napoule Art Foundation, the Creative Alliance and the Santa Fe Art Institute. The Deutsch Foundation and the Walter and Janet Sondheim Prize awarded he and his collaborators for their oeuvre ‘Renovations’ while the Maryland State Arts Council granted the group, known as strikeWare, a Regional Individual Artist Award in 2021.

His ongoing project ‘Plainclothes Agenda’ was also recognized for the 2021 Sondheim Award, has been noted by the Washington Post, and has been presented and published for conferences across the United States.

For 2022, he is designing and collaborating on two public art projects in Maryland: The Lexington Market Public Art site known as “Robert & Rosetta” and the “McDonogh Memorial to Those Enslaved and Freed”. These public monuments document the United States’ history of slavery and stand as acknowledgements to the realities of our every-day ancestors.


Office Location:

Williams 211