Assistant Professor

Marieka Brouwer Burg received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, double majoring in Anthropology and Art History while working in the Laboratory of Wisconsin Archaeology and the UW-Madison Cartography Laboratory. In 2005, she began graduate research at Michigan State University, focusing on hunter-gatherer land use strategies in the Post-Glacial Netherlands. Marieka received a Fulbright fellowship and spent a year studying with colleagues at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Groningen Institute of Archaeology at University of Groningen, and the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University. Her research in Belize continues to probe the effects of paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic change on past human decision-making. To do this, she conducts archaeological field research and also harnesses the power of GIS for geospatial modeling of human-environmental interactions. Since 2011, she has been senior researcher, Co-Lab Director, and GIS specialist on the Belize River East Archaeology (BREA) project. As part of this work, she is currently investigating an intact Preceramic (~2500–900 BC) occupation known as Crawford Bank on the island of Crooked Tree in Northern Belize.

In addition to research, Marieka has a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and promoting student engagement through out-of-the box methods and experiential learning. She served as an Open Educational Resource (OER) ambassador and a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) during her years at the University of New Hampshire. She looks forward to bringing her experience in archaeological research, GIS and geospatial modeling, as well as teaching and learning to fully engage UVM students in archaeological topics.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Landscape and environmental archaeology; Hunter-gatherers; GIS and geospatial modeling; Paleoenvironment/Paleoclimate; Ancient Mesoamerica; European Mesolithic


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