Academic probation

Regulations Governing Academic Standards

The following criteria for academic probation and dismissal, while making allowances for the student in the first semester, are designed to encourage academic work of quality at least equal to the minimum which is required for graduation.


A. A student who earns a semester grade-point average higher than that which merits dismissal but below 2.00 is placed on probation. In order to avoid dismissal from the University, a student who has been placed on probation must earn a 2.0 semester average in 12 credit hours (either during the subsequent semester or over multiple semesters) and enroll in all courses for a letter grade. No student will be removed from probation until the required 12 credits have been completed and both the semester and cumulative averages are at least 2.00. A student who is on probation may not enroll in a University-sanctioned study abroad program.

B. First-Year Students. Following the first semester of enrollment, a student who earns a semester grade-point average higher than that which merits dismissal, but below 1.67, is placed on probation and must in the following semester satisfy the same probationary requirements as described above. All first-year students who have a cumulative grade-point average which is below 2.00 after completion of the second semester will be placed on probation.


C. A student who does not satisfy the condition of probation, or who earns a semester grade-point average of 1.00 or lower, or who earns failing grades in one-half of the semester credit hours attempted (excluding course in physical education and military studies) will be reviewed for consideration of dismissal for low scholarship. Dismissed students may apply for re-entry directly to the College of Arts and Sciences after one year. The re-entry application must include an official transcript demonstrating the completion of 12-15 credit hours with a grade point average of 3.0 or above completed outside of UVM.

Tips for getting off probation

If you are on academic probation, it is important that you utilize all of the resources on campus. We encourage you to meet with an advisor in the Dean’s Office to see which of the resources listed below may be most appropriate in assisting you to reach your goal of getting off of probation. The Tutoring Center offers academic support programs for students:

  • Study Skills: Strategies that can be applied to all classes.
  • Subject-Area Tutoring: One-on-one tutoring in most introductory courses.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Facilitated group study in selected large lecture courses.
  • The Writing Center: Assistance with papers for any class.

Student Accessibility Services provides accommodation, consultation, collaboration and educational support services as a means to foster opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in a barrier-free learning environment.

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color exists to ensure that African, Latino(a), Asian, Native American, Multiracial and New American students succeed at the University of Vermont.

The Office of International Education meets with international students on academic probation to discuss immigration implications.

Career Services offers career counseling and advising, job search workshops, a career information library, on-campus interviewing, and help with resume preparation.

The University's Center for Health and Wellbeing provides accessible, high-quality, cost-effective, prevention-oriented primary health care, mental health counseling, and a wide range of prevention and educational outreach programs and referral services designed specifically to meet the needs of the UVM students and community. Their services are geared to support both the mental and physical health essential to the intellectual and personal development of University students, enabling them to participate fully in University life.

Available CHW services include:

  • Alcohol & Drug Services
  • Athletic Medicine/Sports Therapy
  • HOPE Help Overcome Problem Eating
  • Medical Clinic/Student Health
  • Mindfulness Practice Center
  • Travel Health Clinic
  • Nutrition Services
  • Occupational Health Clinic
  • Office of Conflict Resolution
  • SHARES Sexual Harassment and Rape & Education Services

Audit / Pass / No Pass Information

AUDIT (AU), PASS (P), NO PASS (NP) are grading options that have limits and restrictions on whether they can be used for a class.

AU: Students wishing to regularly attend a course, but not receive credit, may register as an auditor, with the approval of the dean and the instructor. Auditors have no claim on the time or service of the instructor. Students must meet minimum levels of performance set by the instructor at the time of registration in order to receive an audit grade. Tuition is charged at the applicable rate. Students need to submit a "Grade Mode Selection Form" with the required signatures to the Registrar's Office within the add/drop period for the semester.

Note: Courses taken for audit are also included in determining the number of credit hours for which a student is billed. Audited credits or Credits by Examination cannot be considered as part of the credits in determining financial aid eligibility.

P/NP: Only elective courses may be taken Pass/No Pass. Beginning in their sophomore year, undergraduate degree program students not on academic trial are permitted to take up to six courses Pass/No Pass (or as many courses as they have semesters remaining for transfer students). If used for physical education (activity) courses, these shall not be counted as a part of the six courses described above.

Students must complete all work normally required in these courses to receive full credit toward graduation for passing them. The instructor will not be informed of the student's status and the Registrar will record grades of D- or higher as PASS and grades of F as NO PASS. The grade submitted by the instructor will not become available to the student nor to any third party. 

To apply, a "Grade Mode Selection Form" (PDF) must be approved by the student's academic advisor and submitted by the student to the Registrar's Office during the add/drop period for the semester. Requests to be removed from that status must be filed during the same period.

Note: Non-degree, graduate and certificate students may not take courses on a pass/no pass basis.

Questions? Contact

Class rank

Please send us a request at if you would like to know your class rank.

Dean's list

Dean's List status is awarded to full-time undergraduate students with a cumulative grade-point average of not less than 3.0 who stood in the top 20 percent of each class of their college/school during the preceding semester. Full-time enrollment in this case shall be a minimum of 12 credit hours in courses in which grades of A, B, C, D, or F can be given.

Each semester the Dean's Office sends letters to Dean's List recipients

Read the official UVM Catalogue policy.

Transfer into the College of Arts and Sciences

The process for transferring into or pursuing a double degree in the College of Arts and Sciences is detailed in our Undergraduate Internal Transfer Guidelines.

Medical withdrawal

The Center for Health and Wellbeing is your resource for planning time away from campus and classes as a result of a medical leave. Learn more (PDF)

Refund policies

Returning to UVM after a leave

Students in good standing:

Please complete our online Application for Re-entry

Dismissed students who wish to return to the University:

Dismissed students may apply for readmission directly to the College of Arts and Sciences after one year. The Academic Standing Committee requires completion of an application with evidence of successful academic performance (a grade point average of 3.0 or above) in at least 12-15 credit hours of course work and an indication that any other circumstances contributing to the dismissal have been resolved. The decision to reapply should be weighed carefully since readmitted on trial students who are dismissed for a second time will not be considered for readmission on trial until at least three years have elapsed.

To reapply, download, print and complete the Dismissed Student Readmission Application (pdf) and return to the Office of the Dean - Student Services.

Further information regarding readmission may be obtained from the Office of the Dean.