We are excited to offer instructors ready-made content to support students' career readiness through Blackboard modules and an “Intro to the Career Center” video. As well, we offer in-class workshops (both in-person & virtually). Our faculty liaison, Sarah Heath, is available to support instructors in connecting and customizing our content to fit with your course objectives – offering both design and technical support across all disciplines.

Blackboard Modules

To assist with integrating career content in classes, we have designed a robust offering of short modules that instructors can add to their Blackboard site. These work well as the first part of a "flipped" assignment, a stand-alone homework assignment, or in tandem with a workshop.  They can also be added as optional content for your students, offering interested students a value add with little to no effort on your part. Modules typically consistent of 5 to 6 sections, include 1 or 2 short videos, and can be completed by students in 5 - 15 minutes.

Module topics include Introductory Modules (e.g., Interests & Values, Major/Minor Choice), Career Essentials (e.g., Job Search, Internships, Career Competencies, Interest Groups) and a series of Additional Topics (e.g., Interviewing, Salary Negotiation, Grad School, UVMConnect). Our most popular modules are those which include an option for students to get personalized feedback directly from the Career Center. That’s right – we do the grading, students do the learning, you weave it all together. Those modules include: Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, and Elevator Pitch.

Check out the request form below for a complete listing of available modules. We are designing more every semester! And to view the modules themselves, enroll in our Blackboard space @ go.uvm.edu/ccbb.

What instructors are saying:

"I love the module format and range of information. It was really helpful to be able to pick and choose from among the module content to match exactly what I was looking for… Thanks for developing and being willing to share this content. I plan on using your modules in another class this fall."

"It allowed for the students to learn valuable information at their own pace and on their own time... I really like that the LinkedIn module was paired with an in person presentation."

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For a basic introduction to the Career Center, we offer an 8-minute video you can show in any class and/or include in your Bb site. It introduces the 3 basic tenets of career development – Connect with people, Get experience, Develop your competencies – and highlights the tools and resources available help students succeed in all three. In this presentation, students will learn:

  • What does it mean to be “Career-Ready” & how can the Career Center help me?
  • What is Handshake & how do I set up my account?
  • Why should I, and how do I, connect with a Career Interest Group?

We’re also happy to discuss a more customized workshop to meet your needs – use the link below to let us know what you’re looking for.  And note: the Alumni Association offers an engaging presentation on UVMConnect – introducing students to our dynamic alum networking tool!  Be in touch with Kimberly Surwilo to request that presentation.

What instructors are saying:

“The students were all very well informed and interacted well with my class. I liked their informal, conversational style; they were able to show us some 'tricks' that perhaps were not scripted, LOL. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely have them back next year.”

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Presentations are also available for academic units, student support services and student clubs/organizations.
The University of Vermont Career Center Division of Student Affairs

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Career Champions

Nominate someone who has gone gone above and beyond in encouraging UVM students' career readiness and success.