This fall, local and national employers will be joining us for a series of virtual career fairs.

Like our traditional fairs, you'll have the opportunity to meet with recruiters from companies and organizations who are seeking talented candidates to fill their open positions. To ensure you secure a spot with the employers you wish to meet, be sure to register early and sign up for group or individual sessions as soon as possible.

How does a virtual career fair work?

Employers who are attending the fair will set up two different engagement opportunities for students: group sessions and one on one sessions. Group sessions will typically last 30 minutes and employers will share a presentation about their organization, answer your questions about their open positions or what it is like to work at their company, or discuss a topic of interest related to their industry. One on one sessions are 10 minutes each and give you the chance to connect with a recruiter for an individual conversation. Registration is required for the fair and for the different sessions that you wish to attend, and can all be done in Handshake.

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What fairs are taking place this fall?

Careers in Business Fair

Join the Career Center and the Grossman School of Business for our industry-specific fair focused on business-oriented fields, including accounting, financial services, investment banking, financial planning, insurance, commercial banking, marketing, and business analytics.

When: September 23, 2020 from 12pm to 4pm EDT


Fall Job & Internship Fair

Sudents from all class years and majors seeking full or part-time jobs and internships can connect with employers from a range of industries at our largest fair of the semester.

When: October 14, 2020 from 12pm to 4pm EDT


Graduate School Fair

Whether you plan to apply to a graduate program this fall or are researching your options, this fair can connect you with representatives from a wide range of programs.

When: October 21, 2020 from 12pm to 4pm EDT


Virtual Internship Fair

This fair is focused exclusively on internships and features local and national employers who are actively recruiting to fill winter, spring, and summer positions.

When: November 18, 2020 from 12pm to 4pm EST


What should I do to prepare for the fair?

Register for the fair.
In order to join a group or individual session, you will first need to register for the fair in Handshake.

Research participating organizations.
Take some time to review the employers and organizations that are attending the fair. Read about their organization and any open positions they are actively recruiting to fill, or research details about their programs of study. Look to see if they are offering individual or group sessions.

Register for employer sessions ahead of time.
You’re going to want to register for group information sessions and one on one conversations with employers prior to the start of the fair. These sessions are the primary way to connect with employers on the day of fair. Group information sessions will typically include a presentation by the employer, followed by a question and answer period. They will be attended by other UVM students, too. Individual sessions will just be you and a recruiter. Begin thinking about what questions you have about the company and the positions they are hiring for - especially if you are signed up for a one on one conversation. Check out Handshake's tips for individual sessions with employers.

Update your Handshake profile.
Some employers will be researching candidates ahead of time by browsing Handshake profiles. Based on that information, they will invite students and alums to attend individual sessions. Make sure that your profile is up to date and that your profile visibility is set to Community or Public so that employers can discover you and have an accurate sense of who you are. Include relevant experiences and update your Career Interests survey so that employers know what your goals and interests are.

Update your resume.
Including a resume on your profile or offering to share your resume with a recruiter is another great way to stand out during the virtual fair. Make an appointment to speak with a Career Counselor or request an online document review for help drafting and revising your resume.

Practice your pitch.
When it comes time to meet with a recruiter, how will you introduce yourself? Why are you interested in the company? What types of positions are you seeking? How is your previous work experience relevant? What questions do you plan on asking the representatives at the virtual career fair?

You’ll want to spend some time thinking about questions like these so you’re ready to answer them without hesitation when talking to a recruiter, which will allow you to be more comfortable and confident. Speak with a Career Counselor for guidance in crafting your personal pitch.

Handshake's tips for preparing for preparing your virtual career fair pitch

Make sure your technology is ready to go.
While it is preferable to have video capabilities in case an employer would like to speak with you face to face, you don’t necessarily have to have a device with a camera to participate in the fair. Check out Handshake's tech requirements here.

Other helpful tips: Dress to impress, be distraction-free, ask if the employers would like to connect via LinkedIn, and always follow up with the recruiters you spoke with to say thanks and let them know if you are applying.

Familiarize yourself with how the day of the fair will run.
On the day of the fair, you will log in to Handshake and easily have access to your schedule for the day via a tab that reads "Your Session". The sessions that you signed up for ahead of time will appear with a button that indicates "Join Now" or "Launch Video" depending on the session type. Check out Handshake's guide to participating in a virtual fair.