We are excited to offer faculty from all disciplines the opportunity to connect course content to students' career readiness through customizable Blackboard modules and three presentation offerings. These presentations can also be made to student clubs/organizations and student staff teams.

After partnering with the Career Center to pair a module and class presentation, one faculty member shared:

It allowed for the students to learn valuable information at their own pace and on their own time. I think this is important for them to make the most of it. I really like that the LinkedIn module was paired with an in person presentation.

Blackboard Modules

To assist with integrating career content within the classroom, we have designed a series of short modules that instructors can add to their Blackboard site. These can work as the first part of a "flipped" assignment (followed by an in-person discussion), a stand-alone homework assignment, or in tandem with a presentation. Modules typically they consistent of 5 to 6 sections, include 1 or 2 short videos. They can usually be completed by students in 10 - 20 minutes.

Intro to Interest Groups

Career Interest Groups are a fun and easy way for students to engage with their career goals throughout their time at UVM starting as early as their first semester. In this module, students will: understand what Interest Groups are available why they should join, learn how to get connected to an Interest Group(s), and voice their opinion on what the group/s of interest should offer to members.

Internship Basics

Help students get started understanding why interning is so valuable, what to look for, and how to find great opportunities. After completing this module, students will: recognize the elements of a quality internship, understand how to use key words to find relevant internships, and utilize Handshake & other platforms for an effective search.


This module guides students through building a resume that suits them and their career goals. Students will: understand the purpose/function of a resume, design an effective presentation of their skills & experiences - tailored to their industry of choice - and reflect on the Career Readiness Competencies they have and those they wish to develop.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a place to tell the story that connects one's resume to a job description - explaining why they want to work for THIS company/organization in THIS specific job/internship. Cover Letters are always tailored to individual positions, and this module will help students: understand how & why to tailor their cover letter to a specific position, structure their cover letter to catch the reader’s attention, and identify the skills and experiences to highlight.


Handshake is the leading college-to-career network for more than 400,000 active employers worldwide -- and it’s more than just a job board. Students can use Handshake to connect with peers and employers, schedule appointments at the Career Center, and discover local and virtual career events. In this module, students will: log in and complete their Career Interest Survey, get connected to their Interest Group(s), and start building their profile.

Interests & Values Clarification

In this module, students will practice articulating their interests and values to select the classes and experiences that are right for them. Students will: identify the activities and/or subjects which students enjoy and/or want to know more about, clarify their principles / what's most important in their life, and reflect on how these things can/should impact their major and career choices


Building your LinkedIn profile is a great way to curate a professional online presence. This module will help students: Learn what LinkedIn is & why it matters, discover what makes a profile strong, and start building connections

Exploring Majors & Minors

Trying to decide what to study can feel like an especially intimidating decision because for many students, their whole college identity gets wrapped up in the ubiquitous question: What's your major?  This module provides tips and tutorials for students who are searching for a major, contemplating a minor, or just considering their options.

Job Searching

While Handshake is not the be-all-end-all solution to job/internship searching, getting good at using Handshake prepares students to effectively replicate their search strategies anywhere they want. This module provides a series of short instructional videos on making the most of this and other job databases.


  • Find and connect with friendly alums who can support you with your career journey.
  • Understand how to tap into your UVM network
  • Get started with a robust profile
  • Explore the Directory & Groups to identify alums of interest who are willing to help
  • Craft an outreach message following our etiquette tips


Career Competencies (aka: transferable skills)

Develop your career readiness and articulate your transferable skills using Career Competencies!
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has defined Career Readiness as "the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace".  Those requisite competencies are commonly referred to as "Career Competencies".

  • Use our worksheet to practice linking your experience to the Competencies
  • Check out the Candid Career videos on Career Competencies
  • Reflect on the Competencies you'd still like to develop


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Classroom & Organization Presentations

Additionally, we offer 3 standard presentations that are facilitated by our trained Career Peer Mentors & Leaders. These presentations typically take 35 minutes and feature information about the tools and resources available to UVM students as they explore and develop their career readiness.

Intro to the Career Center & Career Interest Groups

An introduction to 3 basic tenets of career development (1. Connect to people, 2. Get experience, 3. Develop your career competencies) and how UVM can help students succeed in all three (through Interest Groups, Handshake & experiential learning). In this presentation, students will: learn about what we do at the Career Center, connect with Handshake (UVM's career platform), and discover the Career Interest Group that aligns with their interests.

Career Competencies & Transferable Skills

A series of reflective and goal-setting exercises designed to help students develop the 8 skills employers seek. By teaching career competencies in tandem with core content, we prepare our students to become - and understand themselves as - versatile, highly-employable graduates. Students will: understand Career Competencies (what are they and why they matter), assess their current skills & areas for growth, and set at least 1 S.M.A.R.T. goal.

Networking & Building Your Online Professional Presence

Tips on crafting a professional brand and using LinkedIn's alumni tool – in concert with UVM’s own UVMConnect – to connect with potential mentors, job shadowing sites, and inspiring alums. Through this presentation, students will: understand the impact of their online presence (personal & professional), learn how to build a strong digital presence, explore LinkedIn's alumni tool, and find a potential mentor through UVMConnect.


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