Summer Funding: up to $3000

Funding for summer internships!

UVM Internship Scholarships help students who want to participate in a career-related opportunity but need financial assistance in order to accept an internship.  Scholarship fund are intended to help defray costs of living during a summer internship.

Application Deadline: Thurs., March 17, 2022.

These scholarships help defray living costs (food, transportation, housing, and cost of living expenses) of unpaid or "under-paid" internships.

"Under-paid" means that you may receive payment for your internship, but that it would not be enough to cover your essential needs. Funds cannot be used to cover tuition or program fees.   The monies received from internship awards are not wages or compensation for hours worked.  There may be financial aid and/or tax implications for awards. If you have questions about the impact of a scholarship, please consult with the financial aid office or your tax professional.

We encourage everyone in need to apply! We also encourage everyone to work on a Plan B in case you do not receive funding. In past years the committee has received an annual average of about 80 applications, and has been able to distribute about 50 awards. Internship scholarships are competitive, and some applicants will not receive funding.

If you need assistance completing your application and/or working on Plan B, please drop by the Career Center.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must:

  • Be a current degree-seeking undergraduate UVM student in good standing.
  • Earn academic credit during the summer semester the internship occurs. If you don't want or need this credit, you might check out the affordable SINT summer credit option.
  • Plan to continue studies in the fall 2022 semester (that is, the awards are not available to graduating seniors).
  • Provide a letter from their internship employer confirming the internship offer if granted an award
  • Have NOT previously received this funding - you are may only recieve these funds once during your time at UVM.

International Students

International students may have additional requirements as a condition of their visa. Check with Office of International Education and your advisor to any such requirements are fulfilled.  If you are awarded a scholarship, it may be taxed at a different rate than domestic students. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions.


A committee of staff and faculty members will make the final decision on the dollar amount and recipient(s) for each award.  Learn more about our evaluation criteria.


Once you have applied to an internship opportunity, you can then apply for internship scholarships. You do not need to have secured internship plans to apply to funding -- you just need to have applied to the internship. You can use one scholarship application to apply to multiple funding sources. Please see below to determine your eligibility and the focus / requirements of each award.

2022 Key Dates:

Jan 10: Application process opens
Mar 17: Application deadline
Mar 18 - 31: Applications reviewed by the scholarship selection committee
Early Apr: Scholarship selection committee meets to discuss and decide on awards
Apr 7 - 11: Applicants will receive an email indicating that they have been awarded, wait-listed*, or not funded
Apr 28: Deadline for awardees to submit a letter from their internship supervisor that confirms their internship offer

*Students placed on the wait list will be notified on a rolling basis when funding becomes available. Wait-listed students will receive final award decisions by the end of April.

Application Details

Please review all pertinent information below before starting your application.  Once you hit the "Submit" button, you will no longer be able to access it or make changes. The application will ask for things such as:

  • your resume (visit: Guide to Resumes &/or drop by for help)
  • detailed information about your top-choice internship, including the position or job description*
  • 3-5 goals for internship experience relating to what you hope to learn
  • how your internship relates to your career or academic interests
  • your reasons for pursuing internship funding (including some budget estimations**)
  • consent to having your success publicized - optional, and will not influence selection decisions.

*If you are awarded funding and decide to intern at an organization different from what you detailed in your application, you will be asked to submit an updated scholarship application. The committee will review your updated application and decide to: Award the scholarship as originally planned; adjust the scholarship amount or funding source (if possible); or withdraw funding.

**The application asks for expenses related to travel, housing, and food. Tools like Numbeo's Cost of Living Calculator can be very helpful. NOTE: scholarship funds cannot be used for tuition or program fees (unless the program fee is specifically for transportation, housing, and food).

Internship Scholarship Application

(Note the timeline above to see when the form opens)

Available Funds

The available Awards are as follows:

  • Internships for the Common Good: 8-10 awards up to $1250 each
    Supports students doing direct service at nonprofit or mission-driven organizations
  • College of Arts & Sciences Internship Scholarship: 35-40 awards up to $3000 each
    For students in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Honors College Career Development Award: 2 awards of up to $3000 each
    For students in the Honors College
  • Samuel Fishman Memorial Fund: 2-5 awards up to $3000 each
    For students pursuing internships in government, policy, or service
  • Humanities Center Internship Scholarships: 2-4 awards of up to $3000 each
    To support internships related to the arts and humanities - all students are eligible to apply.

Internships Abroad

If you are planning an internship abroad, your plans will require further approval by the Office of International Education - please contact them ASAP as the approval process can take some time. You can also reference their health and safety considerations for going abroad.   And we find this Travel Risk Map to fairly handy.

Awardee Responsibilities

  • All scholarship recipients are required to earn academic credit during the summer semester the internship occurs.
  • Once the internship is complete, all scholarship awardees are required to submit a video or written summary addressing how the internship helped you grow and how it affected your career trajectory.
  • Students who receive awards from donor-funded scholarships will be asked to write a thank-you note to the award benefactor.
  • CAS Internship Scholarship recipients will be asked to write a thank-you note to the award benefactor and submit a short video at the end of the summer summing up the experience. Specific CAS Internship Scholarship requirements can be found on their website.

Questions and Help

Please give yourself adequate time ahead of the application deadline to submit your materials so that you can contact us during business hours with any questions. For help drop-by or email


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