Learn at your own pace & access personalized feedback.

We're excited to launch an organization in Blackboard where you can review and complete modules designed to support you in your personal career journey. Reflect on your interests, identify areas for growth, and submit "assignments" for timely, personalized feedback.

How to Enroll

Step 1

Navigate to bb.uvm.edu and sign in with your UVM NetID.

Step 2

On the right side of your Blackboard homepage, find the "Organization Search" box. Type in "career center" and press "Go".

Blackboard Organization Search Box Screenshot

Step 3

Under "Browse Organization Catalog", find "Career_4YP". Don't click the link directly. Click the grey arrow icon beside "Career_4YP".

Browse Organization Catalog Screenshot

Step 4

After clicking the grey arrow, a drop-down box will appear. Click "Enroll".

Blackboard Enroll Button Screenshot

Step 5

After clicking "Enroll", click "Submit" to finalize your enrollment. Then, click "Ok".

Submit Enrollment Screenshot

Step 6

That's it! You'll now see "Career Center" under "My Organizations" on your BlackBoard home page.

Blackboard Home Page Organization Screenshot