The Sinclair Cup Award honors dean emeritus and distinguished alumnus, Robert O. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair’s exemplary career spanned more than four decades of outstanding service to UVM Extension (1944-1953) and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (1953-1987).

The Robert O. Sinclair Cup Award will be presented at the discretion of the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and the Director of UVM Extension as a means of recognizing those individuals who, like Dr. Sinclair, served CALS and/or UVM Extension with distinction as a member of the faculty or staff for a major portion of their professional career.  Nominations are requested for those individuals who have:

  • retired from full-time employment having completed a long record of service to CALS and/or UVM Extension;
  • demonstrated professional advancement in their field/discipline of expertise; and
  • achieved special recognition, awards and/or honors which reflect a noteworthy and exemplary career.

Award Procedure

Nominations due: 2019 TBA.

Using the above criteria, please submit a written statement describing how the nominee's career had a positive impact on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and/or UVM Extension and those they served by highlighting leadership responsibilities, accomplishments and recognitions. In addition to the nomination statement, please include two to five letters from others in support of the nomination.

The winner(s) will be notified in advance of the award presentation. The Sinclair Cup Award will be bestowed at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Alumni and Friends Dinner on Saturday, May 12, 2018, 5-8PM, in the Grand Maple Ballroom of the UVM Dudley H. Davis Student Center, Burlington, Vermont. 

Each nomination received will be considered on an annual basis for a three-year period from the date of submission.

Nominations should be submitted to either Robin Smith or Cindy Corkins at:

Mail:  Robin Smith, CALS Dean's Office, UVM,146 University Place, Burlington, VT 05405-0106 Tel: 802-656-0321 Fax:  802-656-0290

Mail: Cindy Corkins, UVM Extension, 23 Mansfield Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401-3323 Tel: 802-656-0874 or 866-622-2990 Fax: 802-656-8642

Past Award Recipients

•    2018
          Kate Howrigan Baldwin ‘78
•    2017
          Lyn Jarvis
          Neil H. Pelsue, Jr. ‘62
•    2016
           Lois M. Frey G '89
           Norman Pellett
•    2015
           Donald J. McFeeters '63, PhD '86
           Glenn F. Rogers '73, G '76
•    2014
           K. Stewart 'Stew' Gibson'51
•    2013
           Lyndon B. Carew, Jr.
           Win A. Way G '51
•    2012
           Mary C. Carlson G'93
           Frederick R. Magdoff
•    2011
           Valerie M. Chamberlain '51
           John C. Page '50
•    2010
           Henry V. Atherton '48 G'50
           Leonard S. Mercia '50
•    2009
           Thomas J. McEvoy
•    2008
           Lawrence B. Myott '68, G'92
•    2007
           Lucien D. Paquette '40
           Everett W. Harris '57
•    2006
           Robert O. Sinclair '44, G'55