Most of our research happens outside the classroom...

Committed to enhancing the vitality of rural communities and agriculture, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences maintains four off-campus facilities that provide relevant research, educational and outreach opportunities for researchers, students, agricultural producers, and the public.

Each of the four centers demonstrates agricultural production--emphasizing quality, efficiency, productivity, and natural resource protection--and provides extensive research facilities for investigating issues of concern to producers and consumers. In addition to educational activities including classes, student run projects, and a wealth of hands-on experience, each facility hosts conferences and tours for producers and welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

  • Agriculture and Environmental Testing Lab

    The UVM Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab provides soil and manure testing services in conjunction with the University of Maine. The Lab also provides UVM researchers with access to advanced analytical instrumentation, both for sample submission and hands-on use. Training is available in a variety of nutrient and metal analyses.

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