Spring 2022 Plant and Soil Science Courses

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Online 1,2,3 credit courses.

Need an elective, or just a credit or two? These popular online classes have been offered for many years. Explore a new topic, fill out electives, or gain a skill you'll use forever.

Online courses without pre-requisites:

PSS 096 Home Vegetable Growing- 1 credit Basics of the main crops, their culture and problems, along with topics such as extending the season, rotations, proper harvest, and storage methods.         

PSS 096 Pollinators and Perennials- 1 credit Explore the interactions between perennial plants and pollinators and discuss methods for choosing the best plants to support pollinators.

PSS 121 Indoor Plants- 1 credit  This course provides the basics of design, plant care, and plant problems along with a foundation palette of plants. Online, self-paced.

PSS 196 Flowers and Foliage- 1 credit  A self-paced course provides a foundation palette of plants you'll get familiar with, along with information on their use (design) and culture.  

PSS 096 Home Hops Growing-  One week winter session course- (Dec 27 - Jan 14) 1 credit  Botany, history, and horticultural care for any interested in beer ingredients or homebrewers wanting to grow their own hops.

Online courses with pre-requisites:                

PSS 123 Garden Flowers- 2 credits

PSS 096 Perennial Garden Design- 3 credits

PSS 156 Permaculture- 3 credits Design of agriculturally productive environments that have the diversity, stability, and resilience of the natural biosphere to harmoniously integrate landscape and people.  

In Person Instruction, 3 and 4 credit classes:

PSS 028 - A Bug's Life, Hybrid 3 credits (Meets in person once weekly)
An introduction to the world of insects and their impact on our everyday lives, from the food we eat to solving murder crimes.

PSS 096- Drawing and Painting Botanicals- New Instructor! Drawing and Painting Botanicals is based on the premise that everyone can benefit from improving observation skills and developing an ability to represent what we see through drawing and visual communication.

PSS 021 - SU: Intro to Agroecology- Analyzes factors driving current agricultural production systems, the problems associated with the industrial agriculture model, and the variety of approaches and practices for producing food in an ecologically sound and socially just manner.

PSS 124 Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production- New Instructor! Rachel Stievater is lead instructor for the Farmer Training Program at Catamount Farm, learn from an experienced grower/farmer.

PSS 127 Greenhouse Operations and Management- Alternate Years. Climate change is driving growers into hoop and greenhouses for production. There is a unfilled demand for professionals who can control these environments. 

PSS 138 Commercial Plant Propagation- Principles and practices involved in propagating herbaceous and woody plants by seeds, division, layering, cuttings, budding, grafting, and aseptic culture.

PSS 162 - Soil Fertility & Conservation- An ecological approach to soil management including nutrient supply and uptake, rhizosphere-microbial interactions, soil conservation, and nutrient management strategies. Prerequisite: PSS 161 or Instructor permission.

PSS 208 Diversified Farm Planning- This course will include lectures covering a range of topics including and introduction to diverse farming systems practiced in Vermont, farm policy, production functions, marketing, and quality of life planning.

PSS 218 Ag Policy and Ethics- This course examines historical, political, ecological, technological, social, economic, and ethical facets of American agriculture, food policies, and the Farm Bill and particularly their effects at the farm level. We will cover US and Vermont agricultural policies.

PSS 232 Biological Control- Describes theory and application of biological control of insects, disease, and weeds. Discuss ecological factors that contribute to the success of classical, augmentative, and conservation approaches to biological control.

PSS 238 Ecological Landscape Design- Must have taken PSS 138 in Fall. Ecological Landscape Design is a studio course that advances ecological principles in exploring landscape designs that benefit ecosystems and people.

PSS 269 Soil, Water, Pollution Bioremediation- Alternate Years Examines key issues in pollution of soil and water. Topics include type of pollutants, their reactions in soil and water, pollution prevention and bioremediation.

PSS 281 Professional Development- Geared towards current PSS Majors, other students are welcome. Students will develop and articulate a professional philosophy and improve skills in career development including writing, resume preparation, effective interviewing and negotiation.

PSS 296 Environmental Risk and Ag Tech- Lectures, laboratories, readings, field projects, surveys, or research designed to provide specialized experience in horticulture, agronomy, soils, entomology, and integrated pest management.

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