undergraduate fellows pose for a photo at a farmer dinner

The Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC) is a transdisciplinary community of practice dedicated to the application of agroecology and participatory action research (PAR). The ALC undergraduate fellowship program provides upper division (3rd year +)  students the opportunity to develop skills and gain the necessary knowledge to become integral team members of ALC projects. ALC fellows are encouraged to engage with project options that fulfill other academic (e.g. capstone projects), professional, or personal goals. Collaborations with ALC fellows are intended to connect and expand the ALC community within UVM’s undergraduate student body, while building a high-impact experiential learning program.


The ALC fellows program launched in Spring 2018, with a plan to offer two positions in spring (filled), and five positions for summer and fall. The focus of this year’s fellowship will be on our new Engaged Practices Innovation program, which is working with five Vermont farms. In the future, fellows may potentially choose to join us to work in any one of our local or international projects.

Program Highlights

  • Cultivate a transdisciplinary lens for addressing issues in the current agrifood system
  • Build foundational knowledge of agroecological concepts and how they are applied within a collaborative research environment
  • Develop communication skills and strategies for conveying knowledge and concepts among multiple audiences and populations
  • Content agroecology, participatory action research, transdisciplinarity
  • Skills facilitation, research (mixed methods), data collection software, teamwork, administration, and logistics

Current Fellowship Structure

  • April: Apply for Fellowship
  • May - Summer: Fellowship Training
  • Fall Semester: Fellowship Begins (PSS 212 focus)
  • Spring Semester: Fellowship Continues (data-synthesis focused)

Application Process

  1. Write a cover letter expressing why you would like to work with us and relevant skills( research methods, writing, languages, entomological knowledge, soil ecology/biology knowledgeetc.) and expreiences taht you hope to share with our lab.
  2. Prepare a current resumé or curriculum vitae.
  3. Send your letter of interest and resume to agroecol@uvm.edu. Use the subject line, "Interest in ALC Undergraduate Research Fellows".

Selection of applicants is a competitive process. Students will be selected by the ALC team, based on their application, and invited for an interview with ALC team members. Application materials and interview results will be used for final selection.