Our alumni work around the country and the world in a wide variety of jobs, from conservation science to education to urban planning. Linking them all is a deep commitment to helping the Earth's inhabitants—humans and other animals, plants, fungi, microbes—live together sustainably and in mutually beneficial ways. Click through career profiles with the gray arrow below to get an idea of where the Field Naturalist Program propels its graduates.

  • Neahga in a boat talking to park rangers

    Neahga Leonard '11

    Neahga is Director of the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project on an island in Vietnam, aimed at saving one of the world’s most endangered animals, the Cat Ba langur—fewer than 70 of these primates remain—as well as protecting the biodiversity of the archipelago. His exciting, albeit sometimes exhausting, job involves convincing ex-hunters to join anti-poaching teams, helping to draft national legislation, establishing environmental education programs in local schools, encouraging local politicians to promote sustainable development, providing support for national park rangers, and conducting field work to monitor the langurs and the many other imperiled species endemic to the region.

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