The Outstanding Alumni Award is presented annually at the College's Alumni and Friends Dinner event to those graduates who have distinguished themselves through a record of accomplishments and/or leadership in their respective professional field.  In addition, candidates who have been actively involved with and/or supportive of the University of Vermont and/or College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are viewed favorably by the selection committee.  The selection committee also values candidates who have demonstrated contributions to their community, state or nation and followed a land grant ethic.  The land grant ethic is connected to the visionary leadership of Vermont Congressman Justin S. Morrill who authored the Land Grant Acts of 1862 and 1890 which emphasized access to higher education and the practical application of knowledge to make a positive impact on society.

Award Criteria

Nominees should have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree or its equivalent (graduated in 2002 or earlier) from any program currently or formerly affiliated with CALS (including the School of Home Economics). We seek individuals who have achieved excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • significant leadership and/or achievement in his/her particular field;
  • followed a land grant ethic and contributed to his/her community, state, nation; and/or
  • demonstrated support of and/or service to UVM and/or the College.

Award Procedure

To nominate someone for the Outstanding Alumni Award, please complete and send the File nomination form and two to five additional letters of support from other individuals. A copy of the nominee's resume would be helpful but is not required.

The winner(s) will be notified in advance of the award presentation. The Outstanding Alumni Award will be bestowed at the CALS Alumni and Friends Dinner on Saturday, May 12, 2018 5-8PM, in the Grand Maple Ballroom of the UVM Dudley H. Davis Student Center, Burlington, Vermont. 
Each nomination received will be considered on an annual basis for a two-year period from the date of submission.

Nominations must be submitted by: 2019 TBA.

For more information, call 802-656-0321 or email Robin Smith.

Past Recipients

• 2018
James R. Carpenter ’67
Michael M. Lizotte, Jr., ’97
• 2017
John A. Partridge ’75, G’80
Hui Wui PhD ‘99
• 2016
Bernice B. Zabilansky '79
• 2015
Karen I. Plaut '81
• 2014
Louise H. Calderwood '83
James B. Anderson PhD '81
Linda M. Kohn '73
• 2013
Gilman 'Gil' T. Dedrick '56
Bonnie H. Sogoloff '66
• 2012
Dennis C. Canedy '75
Barbara A. Moore '74
• 2011
Frank A. Blazich '71, G'73
• Diane Bothfeld '87, G'90
• Samuel Cutting, III '55
• 2010
Jennifer Armen-Bolen '83
Jonathan J. Rooney '80
Robert T. Willey '54
• 2009
Eric A. Clifford '72
Thomas G. Siccama '62, G'64, PhD '68
Thelma J. Wayler '45
• 2008
Nancy E. Wood G'01
Robert F. Roberts '84
• 2007
John P. Padua '76
Patti Coolman Padua '76
Robert A. Reese, '79
• 2006
Cary Plumer Frye '82
Charles J. Wilcox '50
• 2005
David L. Abbott '73
Steven P. Briggs'76<
Tammy G. Fesche '79
• 2004
Cynthia P. Danaher '80
Robert P. Davis '41
Leon C. Graves '73
James S. Lampman '72
• 2003
Roger N. Allbee '67
Henry M. Engster G'74, Ph.D. '77
Thomas W. Holzinger '53
Irene Newsham '82
• 2002
George Osol G'77 & '81
Miriam E. Nelson '83
• 2001
Ryle K. Dow '53
Michael J. Hurdzan G'69, Ph.D.'74
• 2000
Ronald A. Allbee '67
M. Pauline "Polly" Rowe '39
• 1999
David R. Marvin '70
Marion Brown Thorpe '38
• 1998
Sally S. Hackett '56
• 1997
• Ted W. Castle '74
Steve P. Davis '72
• 1996
Robert L. Foster '68 G'70
• 1995
Ray W. Allen '59
Valerie M. Chamberlain '51
• 1994
Robert L. Bickford, Jr. '43
(first awardee)