Opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom -- called experiential or service learning -- are abundant in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

CALS students graduate with real life experiences gained from hands-on learning through internships, field studies, undergraduate research, student run programs, community service learning and study abroad.

Get involved early. Get involved often. Work closely with faculty. Enhance your classroom learning and your resume. In CALS, practice outside the classroom what you learn in the classroom.


An internship is a structured and supervised professional experience related to a student’s field of study. This usually takes place with an approved agency, business or other organization. Internships may be eligible for academic credit. 

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The research will take the form of a specific project under the direct supervision of a faculty member with expertise in the area of study. Undergraduate research can occur at any time in your four year program. To ensure your best opportunity for success, plan in advance for your undergraduate research in your academic area of study.

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Service Learning

Service-learning is a community-based academic learning that addresses a community need. These courses create meaningful partnerships between students, community, and faculty to provide students with hands-on learning in real-world situations.

Student-Run Programs

Students in CALS have the opportunity to participate in the management and operation of farm businesses, including a 34-cow dairy herd, a cross-discipline horse barn cooperative, and a 3-acre vegetable farm.

Teaching Assistant

Students who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their field may also have the opportunity to serve as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant or TA. TA's assist faculty in a variety of ways, including administrative aspects of the course, facilitating class discussions, holding office hours, assisting in laboratories, hands-on research activities, and others.

CALS Student Representatives (CALS Reps)

CALS Reps actively assist in perpetuating UVM's vision as well as the mission of CALS by participating and coordinating efforts to recruit prospective students. CALS Reps also provide information and resources related to academics, learning, and personal development to current students.

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CALS Student Organizations

With over two hundred recognized UVM clubs, students can find a variety of ways to explore an interest, further their knowledge, and develop leadership skills. CALS student organizations include:

Study Abroad

Many students broaden their experiences by studying abroad. Work with your advisor to choose the best time frame in your academic program to do a semester abroad. Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences should have their study abroad forms signed by both his/her advisor and the Dean's Office.

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