Assistant Professor

Hi! I am the Clinical Nutrition Scientist in The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences. I recently arrived in Burlington, in the fall of 2019, and am so excited to bring my research specialty to UVM. I am trained in the study of how “bioactive food components” can improve human health. A “bioactive food component” is an attribute of the food we consume, it could be a plant pigment or a whey protein, that exerts positive effects on human health beyond our conventional understanding of energy requirements, vitamins, and minerals. My previous research training centered on bioactive components of both dairy products and berry fruits.

In addition to my research program, I have the wonderful opportunity to teach a variety of courses in NFS. I believe effective written communication is the cornerstone of meaningful scientific research (and clinical practice!) and that’s why I developed the science writing course, “NFS 295/396: Experimental Nutrition and Research”, which provides the student the opportunity to hone effective writing on a topic area of their choosing (great for a senior thesis or graduate proposal!). I will also be assuming the new role of teaching both Sports Nutrition (NFS 163), and Advanced Nutrition (NFS 243). These courses will give the student an understanding of the multitude ways in which nutrition can dictate human health and activity. I deliver these course lessons in an active learning environment founded on a ground rule of respect for all, as we come from diverse living and learning backgrounds.

Research and/or Creative Works

I have two controlled human feeding studies in the works with elderberry juice, which is a rich source of a bioactive called anthocyanins. In these trials, we will determine the ability of elderberry juice to change fat oxidation, insulin sensitivity, and gut microbiome. One study is in free-living volunteers, and the other includes a component where we control the foods they eat.

I also am very interested in laboratory research! I am slowly building a space to accommodate cell culture experimentation, applying various molecular biology techniques, so we can determine the influence of anthocyanins at the cellular level. Incorporating this component into my research program creates a “bench to bedside” model of nutritional sciences research.


Awards and Recognition

  • 2017 First place, Emerging Leaders poster competition, in the Dietary Bioactive Components section at Experimental Biology meeting in Chicago, IL (out of 197 abstract submissions)


Associations and Affiliations

  • Amercian Society of Nutrition
Patrick Solverson, PhD

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Controlled human feeding studies
  • Bioactive food components
  • Indirect calorimetry
  • Meal tolerance testing
  • Cellular respiration/biology


  • PhD, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Univeristy of Maryland College Park, 2017
  • MS, Human Nutrition, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012
  • BS, Dietetics/Dietitian, University of Wisconsin_Madison


  • 802-656-5299
Office Location:

353 MLS Carrigan Wing

Office Hours:

by appointment