Information regarding tuition rates for the UVM MSD Program can be found on the Student Financial Services (SFS) graduate tuition page. Click on the Graduate Programs with Alternate Pricing tab for the most current out-of-state tuition rate, which has been reduced from the standard out-of-state tuition rate.


Additional Expenses

In addition to the tuition fees outlined on the SFS page, students in the UVM MSD Program will also incur the following expenses:

  • Malpractice and accident insurance
  • Health insurance*
  • Auto insurance*
  • Background check
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership**
  • Uniforms/lab coats/name tag
  • Travel related costs***
  • Education management software
  • Books & supplies
  • On-site orientation

*All students must carry health insurance and auto insurance; costs vary by coverage. If students elect not to purchase the UVM Health Insurance they must provide proof of their current non-UVM insurance policy. Note: See the Student Financial Services (SFS) graduate tuition page for information regarding the Health Center Fee.

**Membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics is required for all students.

***Travel costs depend on living arrangements, length of commute and supervised practice site placements.


Financial Aid

Students applying to the MSD Program may be eligible for federal financial aid in the form of Federal Stafford and/or Federal PLUS loans, as well as alternative (private) student loans. Eligibility for federal student loans is based on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

All information regarding financial aid eligibility and application can be found on the Student Financial Services (SFS) financial aid page or by calling (802) 656-5700.