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First Year
Fall Spring 
CHEM 023: Outline of Gen Chemistry4 creditsCHEM 042: Intro Organic Chem4 credits
NFS 043: Fundamentals of  Nutrition3 creditsNFS 053: Basic Concepts of Foods3 credits
NFS 044: Survey of the Field1 credit  
ENGS 001: Written Expression3 creditsPSYC 001: General Psychology3 credits
CALS 001: Foundations: Comm. Methods3 creditsCALS 002: Foundations:
Information Tech
3 credits
Total Credits14Total Credits14

Second Year
Fall Spring 
ANPS 019: Anat & Phys4 creditsANPS 020: Anat & Phys4 credits
STAT 111: Elements of Statistics3 creditsNFS 034 : Servsafe Certification Course1 credit
HUM: Choose Diversity Option3 creditsNFS 073: Farm to Table3 credits
NFS 143: Nutrition in the Life Cycle3 creditsBSAD 060 or CDAE 158 or BSAD 0093 credits
SOC 001: Intro to Soc or Diversity Opt3 creditsElectives1-3 credits
Total Credits16Total Credits12-14

Third Year
Fall Spring 
NFS 183 or PBIO 185: Survey of Biochemistry3 creditsNFS 243: Advanced Nutrition3 credits
BSAD 120: Prin Mgt & Org Behavior3 creditsNFS 244: Nutrition in Health & Prevention3 credits
HUM: Choose Diversity Option3 creditsNFS 250: Food service System Management4 credits
  HLTH 3: Medical Teminology2 credits
Electives6 creditsElectives3 credits
Total Credits15Total Credits15

Fourth Year
Fall Spring 
NFS 203: Food Micro4 creditsNFS 262: Community Nutrition3 credits
NFS 223: Nutr/ Ed/Counseling3 creditsNFS 263: Nutritional BioChem3 credits
NFS 260: Diet & Disease3 creditsNFS 274: Practicum Experience1-3 credits
NFS 286: DNFS Senior Seminar1 credit  
Electives5 creditsElectives6-8 credits
Total Credits16Total Credits15


Prerequisite Sequence:

  • CHEM 23→CHEM 42→PBIO 185→NFS 243; NFS 243→NFS 260 , 263. 
  • Suggested sequence: take NFS 244 prior to NFS 260.
  • ENG 001 or ENG 0XX first year is recommended. 
  • Any two Humanities/Fine Arts Courses can be taken
    • suggest choosing University Approved Diversity course for at least one Humanities option to increase the number of electives the student has available.
  • The Diversity courses Anthropology 021, Health 105, and SWSS 47 will fulfill the Social Science requirement.

Diversity Requirement:

  • All undergraduates must successfully complete one three-credit course from Category 1)D1), Race and Racism in the U.S., and a second three-credit course from either Category 1(D1) or Category 2(D2), Human and Societal Diversity.
    • These requirements will apply as well to undergraduate transfer students receiving bachelor's degrees from May 2012 onward.
  • Diversity courses in Art, Classics, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Language, and Theater will also fulfill the humanities requirement.