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Dietetics is a growing profession as health care moves from treatment to prevention. Health-care reform and policies discussed in Washington and across the country all include prevention related components. Although many health professionals are interested in prevention, Registered Dietitians are at the cutting edge of prevention, because so many preventable diseases and conditions are tied to food and nutrition.

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Learning Goals:

  1. Describe and demonstrate dietetics principles and concepts.
  2. Attain the skills to learn, problem solve, think critically, and work independently and cooperatively.
  3. Cultivate values consistent with ethical practice of the disciplines of the dietetics profession.

Beyond the classroom

Faculty in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences recognize the great value to all undergraduate students to participate in some kind of field or community placement.  Therefore, students majoring in dietetics are required to successfully complete at least one credit in a practicum course.

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4 Year Plan for Career Success

Dietetics is a Growth Industry

Dietetics is a growing profession as health care moves from treatment to prevention. Jobs in the industry are highly desirable.


  • Health Policy Analyist
  • Assistant Sports Dietitian
  • School Dietitian
  • Clinical Nutrition Manager
  • Pediatric Clinical Dietitian

Where alumni work

  • State of Vermont Green Mountain Care Board, Health Policy Analyst
  • NYC Department of Health, Nutritionist
  • Private Practice, Dietitian
  • Elliot Hospital, Clinical Dietitian in Oncology Services
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Mediacl Center, Clinical Dietitian
  • Seattle Children's Hospital, Pediatric Clinical Dietitian

Graduate Schools

  • UVM, M.S. in Dietetics
  • John Hopkins, MPH, RD
  • Tufts, MS, RD
  • University of Utah, MS, RD
  • Boston University, MS, RD