The Hubert W. Vogelmann Award in CALS recognizes outstanding effort and achievement in research and scholarship. The recipient of this annual award has his/her name engraved on commemorative plaque and receives an award of $2,500.00 which can be used to support his/her research efforts. In addition, the recipient will present a seminar to the CALS community during the fall semester. The award will be presented to the recipient during the seminar.

Eligibility and Nomination

  • Any research, extension, or tenure-track faculty member of CALS with the rank of Assistant Professor or above may be nominated for the Hubert W. Vogelmann Award.
  • Nominations may be made by individuals or groups of faculty, staff, and/or students who are employed by or enrolled in CALS. It is the responsibility of nominator(s) to insure that all required materials are submitted to the Vogelmann Award Committee, a committee composed of past Vogelmann Award recipients, in the correct form and before the deadline - Friday, April 1, 2022. Nominees will be contacted to verify their willingness to participate in the process.
  • Past recipients are ineligible.
  • Past nominees are eligible, but must be re-nominated. Materials need to be resubmitted and appropriately updated.
  • Evaluation of nominees and selection of the recipient for the Hubert W. Vogelmann Award is carried out by the Vogelmann Award Committee. The selection process involves the evaluation of written material submitted to the Committee by the nominators according to the criteria described below.
  • If a member of the Vogelmann Award Committee is nominated for the award, she/he shall not be involved in the deliberations.
  • No award shall be made in any year in which members of the Vogelmann Award Committee decide no deserving candidates have been nominated.


Friday, April 1, 2022


Nomination materials are to be submitted electronically to It is the responsibility of the nominator to insure that submissions are in the proper form and submitted by the deadline:

  • A 500-750 word nomination statement written by the nominator.
  • A copy of the nominee’s current curriculum vitae.  Within the curriculum vitae, the nominee should include detailed information about external grant support, including the nominee’s involvement in the grants (PI, co-PI, etc.), the duration of the grants, and the monetary amount of the grants.  In addition, the nominee should explicitly distinguish between refereed publications, non-refereed publications, reviews, book chapters, and meeting abstracts/proceedings.
  • No more than three (3) letters of support, solicited by the nominator, from colleagues with in-depth knowledge of the nominee’s research area and accomplishments.  The nominator should ask the individuals to specifically address the criteria used by the committee in its deliberations (see below) in their letters of support.
  • If necessary, the Vogelmann Award Committee will request additional information from the nominator.

Criteria For Evaluation of Submissions

Materials submitted to the Vogelmann Award Committee in support of each nomination will be evaluated for evidence of sustained excellence in research and scholarship, as follows:

  • National/international prominence in one's research/scholarship field.
  • Publication of high-quality research/scholarship articles in top-rated journals.
  • Demonstration of extramural funding from federal, state, local, or private granting agencies.
  • Commitment to research mentoring of undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral scientists.

Please submit electronically to by Friday, April 1, 2022.

Past Recipients

2021 - Amy Trubek, Ph.D.
2020 - award timeline adjusted due to Covid-19
2019 - Asim Zia, Ph.D.
2018 - Yolanda Chen, Ph.D.
2017 - no recipient
2016 - David S. Conner, Ph.D.
2015 - Ernesto E. Mendez, Ph.D.
2014 - Kathleen Liang, Ph.D.
2013 - Susan S. Wallace, Ph.D.
2010 - 2012 - no recipients
2009 - Deborah Neher, Ph.D.
2008 - Jean Harvey, Ph.D.
2007 - David E. Kerr, Ph.D.
2006 - Frederick R. Magdoff, Ph.D.
2005 - Jane M. Kolodinsky, Ph.D.
2004 - Donald S. Ross, Ph.D.
2003 - Bruce L. Parker, Ph.D.
2002 - Karen I. Plaut, Ph.D.
2001 - Robert C. Ullrich, Ph.D.
2000 - Paula M. Fives-Taylor, Ph.D.