Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Serge Wiltshire is a postdoctoral researcher at the UVM FSRC.  He earned his Ph.D. in Food Systems from the University of Vermont, along with a graduate certificate in Complex Systems and Data Science.  His research focuses on improving food systems sustainability and resilience.  He uses computational methods including various modeling approaches, data analytics, machine learning, and geographic information systems.  He is committed to a transdisciplinary methodology, and prefers to work with diverse groups of scholars, stakeholders, and policymakers to explore creative solutions to complex problems. 

Serge is currently working on two interrelated projects for the Center.  The first is part of a large collaborative effort to develop a system of indicators to measure and track sustainability outcomes in regional food systems, with an initial focus on Vermont and New England.  The second uses advanced computational modeling to predict how carbon stocks in Vermont's farmland soils are likely to change dynamically with different land use and management practices, including regenerative agriculture and afforestation.

Going forward, my goal is to continue to find effective ways to apply my computational and other research skills to shed light on critical agricultural and/or environmental decisions.  Whether my path forward is in the academic space, or perhaps with a nonprofit research organization or government entity, ultimately it is most important to me that my work leads to positive real-world change.

Advisor: Brian Beckage

Serge Wiltshire


  • PhD, Food Systems, University of Vermont


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