FSRC PhD Fellow

Sandra Nnadi is a Ph.D. student in the Plant Biology department of the University of Vermont. She is from Nigeria and has a BSc. and MSc. degree in Biochemistry with focus on Molecular Biology. Her research project evaluates the effects of mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on the fungal microbiome of blueberry roots and how the interactions between the roots and the microbiome influence floral traits like flower number, bud count and berry traits like anthocyanin content and berry mass.

Blueberries are grown throughout New England and is the major berry crop in Vermont. Her research is relevant to Vermont agriculture and to blueberry farmers because it will provide new knowledge that assesses the economic and environmental sustainability outcomes of farm management practices such as inoculating with mycorrhizal fungi.
Sandra serves as a Graduate Student Senator and social media Handler for the Plant Biology Department. She enjoys painting with her 5-year-old son, cooking, sewing and for career goals would like to increase professional knowledge and training in academic research.

Advisor: Dr. Jeanne M. Harris

Sandra Nnadi


  • MS, Biochemistry, University of Ibadan
  • BS, Biochemistry, Ebonyi State University


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