A flock of sheep outside in a snow covered field.

Our Mission

We develop solutions for improving human health, well-being and livelihoods, and environmental sustainability through food systems.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people are nourished and satisfied by the food they eat, and where food systems sustain livelihoods and the natural systems upon which we all depend.

What We Do

The Food Systems Research Center at UVM (FSRC) conducts interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to study food systems: the networks of people, institutions, physical infrastructure, and natural resources through which food is grown, processed, distributed, sold, prepared, and eaten.

We examine how different parts of a system interact to understand why food systems function the way they do. The FSRC focuses on the Northeast U.S. but considers the relationship of food systems across scales from local to global.

We seek to understand the contribution of small to medium-sized farm and food businesses to society, recognizing that vibrant food systems support operations across a range of scales.

We develop data, knowledge, and tools to help people see food and agricultural problems as complex and interconnected, and work together to find solutions that enable food systems to serve human health and nutrition, and for environmental, economic and social sustainability.