Meet the FSRC Team

Learn more about the people at the center, what they do, and what they like to do!
Polly Ericksen

This month we are featuring the Food Systems Research Center team in lieu of a Researcher of the Month. Learn a little about our team's background and what they do at work and outside of work.


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Joshua Faulkner analyzes soil

The Silent Orchestra That is Soil Health

A team of researchers from the University of Vermont has recently published their Food Systems Research Center-funded work, which discusses the needs and priorities of soil health in relation to small- and medium-sized farms.

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Two workers stand in a milking station.

ASPIRES: A new program for community-led food system futures

Today the Food Systems Research Center (FSRC) is announcing a new program—ASPIRES (Alternative System Pathways for Interconnected Resilience, Equity, and Sustainability), an effort that focuses on visioning, testing, and implementing the future of food systems in the region in collaboration with communities.

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