undergraduate students conduct research on ruminant digestion

Become an important member of the FSRC team by applying to Food SURF!

Important! Applications for Food SURF are due March 18th, 2022. 

The Food Systems Research Center is excited to offer competitive funding opportunities for undergraduates students at UVM. Food SURF is a mentor-based program where undergraduate students work with a chosen faculty mentor to develop a research proposal. Our funding will support projects in the broad field of food systems. Getting involved in research is an excellent way to gain new knowledge and skills, great appreciation for a subject and increase competitiveness for graduate school and career placement following the completion of undergraduate studies.

Selected students will have the exciting opportunity to contribute to furthering knowledge in food systems, while living in Burlington and working closely with a researcher in the field. Students will gain hands on skills in experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Food SURF students will be required to present their work at the annual UVM Student Research Conference. Students are also encouraged to present their work at local, regional, and national conferences in coordination with their mentor.

Because food systems spans fields like nutrition, economics, biology, animal sciences, engineering, psychology, political science, and more, the Food SURF program has opportunities for motivated and outstanding students from across UVM.

Students selected for the Food SURF program will be awarded:

  • $4500 stipend for the summer

  • $1500 in research funding for their project

  • New skills, knowledge, and critical experience

  • The chance to work alongside UVM scientists to solve real-world problems

We have several affiliated faculty already working on projects within the FSRC. Current focus areas include COVID-19, data science, and dairy science. Faculty not currently working on FSRC affiliated projects are eligible and encouraged to apply as well, as long as their research broadly focuses on food systems.


To apply:

  1. Fill out the Food SURF application for the FSRC

  2. Fill out and submit the UVM SURF program application to UVM FOUR

  3. Fill out and submit the Faculty Sponsor recommendation form to UVM FOUR

  4. Fill out and submit the Budget Worksheet form to UVM FOUR

  5. Make sure everything is turned in by March 18th, 2022 for full consideration 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to ARS Research Project Manager, Chris Skinner.