FSRC PhD Fellow: Victoria Taormina

Taormina studies dairy fat and Type 2 Diabetes

Victoria Taorima is a Food Systems Research Center PhD Fellow and a PhD student in the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department. Victoria graduated from UVM in 2019 with a bachelor's in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science and now works with Dr. Jana Kraft conducting research focused on dairy fat and human health.

FSRC PhD Fellows engage in meaningful research across a broad spectrum...

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Joao Costa with a cow

A "Fitbit" For Cows: UVM Researcher Studies How Data Can Improve Efficiency on Dairy Farms

Dr. Joao Costa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and a Food Systems Research Center Faculty Fellow. In this video, he discusses his research into how data can improve efficiency on dairy farms. Traditionally, farms have used simple data for decision-making, such as milk production metrics.

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Chris Donovon headshot

Meet Chris Donovan, Data Scientist

The Food Systems Research Center is pleased to announce that Chris Donovan has joined the team as its new Data Scientist. His background is in conservation biology, and he has conducted botanical fieldwork and research throughout the West. Before coming to Vermont, he was working with The Nature Conservancy to develop sagebrush seed delivery methods and improve restoration outcomes.

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