Assistant Professor

Shoshanah Inwood is rural sociologist and an assistant professor in CDAE. Shoshanah holds degrees in rural sociology, environmental science and biology. Her career has focused on the intersection of agriculture, environment, and society in the context of community and economic development. Shoshanah has maintained a dual focus studying both the role of communities in food system development and the socio-cultural household level processes that underlay the American food and agriculture system. Her research program is centered on two parallel themes: 1) The persistence of agriculture at the rural-urban interface, and 2) Community based economic development through food and agriculture. She generally utilizes a mixed methods design, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis and focuses on both basic research and applied outreach.

Outside of academia, Shoshanah worked for the Ohio Department of Agriculture as the Director of the Office of Sustainable Agriculture and as the state’s first Farm to School Coordinator. Prior to joining CDAE, Shoshanah was affiliated with the Center for Farmland Policy Innovation and the School of Environment and Natural Resources at Ohio State University. She was also a former beginning farmer in rural Ohio establishing a CSA and selling at farmers markets and restaurants.


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Shoshana Inwood

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

rural sociology, sociology of agriculture and food systems, community sociology, gender, food system development, agriculture at the rural-urban interface


  • PhD 2008 The Ohio State University, Rural Sociology
  • MS 2003 The Ohio State University, Environmental Science
  • BA 1999 Oberlin College, Biology


  • 802.656.0257
Office Location:

207 Morrill Hall

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Courses Taught


  • CDAE 002: World Food, Population and Sustainable Development
  • CDAE 102 SL: Sustainable Community Development
  • CDAE 326: Community Economic Development