Richmond Silvanus Baye, Ph.D. Student

Richmond Silvanus Baye is a doctoral student in the Community Development and Applied Economics program at the University of Vermont. His research interest spans food security, renewable energy transition, city action, and sustainable water management. Prior to his PhD, he worked as a Researcher with the German Development Institute and as an IT Technician with Digital Charging Solutions GmbH.

At the SEGS Lab, where he is a Research Assistant, he will be examining the effects of trans-boundary animal diseases on bio-security management practices of livestock farmers in the US. Given the devastating impacts of trans-boundary animal diseases across the global food value chain, his research aims at predicting an optimal cost of adopting a bio-security management intervention by livestock farmers in the US. The broader impact of his research is aimed at coming up with a predictive model and policy instrument that will ensure access to safe, nutritious, sustainable food supply, while reducing the cost of infectious disease management in the livestock industry and to the country.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Energy transition, Food security, Climate Change and Climate Resilience


  • MS, University of Milan (Italy)