Dr. Prem Timsina teaches sustainable development and leadership and management courses at the University of Vermont (UVM). He comes to UVM with a broad range of experience in the field of administration, non-profit management, social-entrepreneurship and sustainable development. He has also served two major international development organizations: Plan International and Danish International Cooperation as a project executive. During his community development journey, Dr. Timsina managed several grant-funded small business and entrepreneurship projects and was involved in organizational development, human resources management, grant management, and CBO strengthening activities. He has participated in project design, strategic planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of various community development projects. He executed various income generation, microfinance and women empowerment projects including democracy, social justice, and human rights, integrating the projects with literacy, health and sanitation programs. Earlier, he taught management, finance and accounting courses at Tribhuwan University in Nepal. Dr. Timsina has conducted a range of research, including management audits, impact studies, project reviews, and evaluations applying both qualitative and quantitative methods. His major research focus is on sustainability, change management, strategic planning, leadership, classroom teaching, student achievement, education for minority children, and the issue of social justice and equity. He received his Doctorate degree in educational leadership and policy studies from the University of Vermont. He earned a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the School for International Development (SIT) Graduate Institute, Vermont, an M.Com. in Human Resource Management from Curtin University of Technology, Australia, and a Bachelor of Commerce and a MBA degrees from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Dr. Timsina is co-author of a book “Income Tax in Nepal” and has published various articles in non-profit management and sustainable development.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Administrative Leadership, Non-profit Management, Social-Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Diversity Management


  • Doctor of Education, University of Vermont, USA
  • MA in Sustainable Development, SIT Graduate Institute, USA
  • M Com in Human Resource Management, Curtin University of Technology, Australia


  • 802 656 2001
Office Location:

205 H Morrill Hall