The Hubert W. Vogelmann Award in CALS recognizes outstanding effort and achievement in research and scholarship. The recipient of this annual award has his/her name engraved on commemorative plaque and receives an award of $2,500.00 which can be used to support their research efforts.

Dr. Liang was presented with the Hubert W. Vogelmann Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship yesterday for her work in the field of Regional Food Networks and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Liang has been a pioneer in the teaching and research of community entrepreneurship over the last 20 years and has published numerous articles, books, and texts on the topic.

Earlier this year, the Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ASBE) named Kathleen Liang National Entrepreneur Educator of the Year at its annual conference on Sept. 25 in Orlando, Florida.

“I am truly honored and humbled to receive the Vogelmann award. I have been working with a group of wonderful colleagues in CDAE and CALS since 1998. These colleagues inspire me and motivate me every day to achieve the highest capacity and expectation in my career. CALS overall has a very open-minded environment to encourage faculty, staff, and students to be creative and innovative in designing research, teaching, and outreach programs. I am really blessed to be able to transform new ideas and challenges into opportunities with everyone's encouragement and support over the years. I am really excited with my work, proud of being a part of CDAE and CALS, and I look forward to many more years to come!"

Dr. Liang developed the Dollar Enterprise program–taught in her CDAE 166 course–which has become a staple microeconomy on UVM's campus for the past decade-plus and has given rise to such outfits as Ski the East, a now successful ski film and marketing company based in Williston.


Daniel John Kirk
Dr. Liang giving a research presentation at the Hubert Vogelmann Award presentation ceremony.
Dr. Liang giving a research presentation at the Hubert Vogelmann Award presentation ceremony.