Three women from the UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences were honored recently at the 13th annual Women’s Awards Banquet held on March 16th.  The event is sponsored by the UVM Women’s Center.

Dr. Kathleen Liang, Professor in Community Development and Applied Economics, and Animal Science Senior Lecturer, Dr. Jenny Wilkinson, were both honored with the Outstanding Faculty Woman Award. The award recognizes their significant contributions to the lives of women on campus through service, teaching, and feminist scholarship.  Dr. Linda Berlin, Extension Associate Professor, was one four women recognized for their work on anti-sexist endeavors, drawing connections between various communities to end multiple forms of oppression.

Dr. Liang has designed, developed, and implemented innovative, award-winning courses in entrepreneurship within CDAE since 1998. Liang is credited with being the first educator to design and implement an entrepreneurship curriculum within an agriculture and life science program.  Her “learning-in-the-now” approach to teaching and dynamic interactions with students push them from the classroom into real life applications of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Jenny Wilkinson is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences teaching Equine Science.   She is also the faculty advisor at the UVM Cooperative Horse Barn, and advisor to the UVM Dressage team. Dr. Wilkinson had an article posted in the NY Times last year about sexual assault advocacy, and has been known by her students to always be there for support during their time at UVM. Students who have worked with Dr. Wilkinson praise her for her enthusiasm, and look up to her as a role model and advisor to many. “It is inspiring and empowering to have such an accomplished woman to guide us”, said one of her nominators. 

Dr. Linda Berlin, Extension Associate Professor, works across disciplines to better understand food system concerns and to identify approaches that have the potential to achieve multiple objectives related to consumers` needs and interests, as well as the environment and sustainable agriculture. Dr. Berlin was a part of the Food Systems Spire Steering Committee, as well as extensive work outside of UVM. She has a special interest in how current policy affects economically disadvantaged communities, and others who might be marginalized in a mainstream approach. She is a widely consulted researcher as well as a professor in nutrition and food sciences.




Kate Finley Woodruff
Dr. Linda Berlin, Extension Associate Professor (center)