Ben Johnson '19 is a Photography Intern at JAM Creative, a branding, design and commercial photography studio in Burlington. He is pursuing degrees in Community Entrepreneurship and Applied Design.

The CDAE department believes in the importance of experiential learning. Our internship course grants students the opportunity to receive up to 15 credits for their internship experiences with local, state, and national organizations.

Step 1

Find an internship: The CDAE Internship Coordinator is available to meet with students to discuss internship opportunities and how to apply, including resume & cover letter writing. Our Explore Internship Opportunities webpage and UVM's Career Center are also helpful resources to consult when starting your internship search. It is best to start the internship search & application process a semester in advance.

Schedule an Appointment with CDAE Internship Coordinator

Step 2

Submit an Internship Contract webform: Complete and submit the CDAE 296 Internship Contract webform. Completion of this form is required to receive permission to register for CDAE 296. To complete the form honestly and to the best of your ability, you should consult your internship site supervisor. It is imperative when filling out the goals, objectives, and tasks to be performed, you convey the message of the internship experience is a structured learning experience with adequate supervision. Upon submitting this form, a copy will be sent to the student intern, the internship supervisor and the CDAE Internship Coordinator.

Step 3

Register for CDAE 296: Once your internship paperwork is approved, you will be granted permission to register for CDAE 296.

  • Please be reminded this is a variable credit course and you must register for the correct amount of credits. According to CDAE & UVM policy, you are entitled to 1 credit for every 45 hours of participation at the internship site.
  • To register for the correct number of credits, after you type in the CRN of the course, scan to the bottom of the page and click on “Change Variable Credit”, backspace through the 1 credit and replace it with the correct number of credits.
  • You will be billed for all credits exceeding 18 on your schedule for the semester.
  • Students doing internships during the summer must register for CDAE 296 credit the summer term they are doing the internship. You will be charged per credit during the summer.

Step 4

Weekly Journal Entries: While doing the internship, students are required to submit a journal entry on the CDAE 296 Blackboard site by the end of the day on Sundays. The journal entry should be submitted as an attachment and contain the student's name, the dates of the week they interned, and the amount of hours they completed. Specific instructions regarding formatting for the Journal Entries can be found on the Blackboard site. If a student fails to submit a journal entry, their hours for that week will not be counted toward their overall hours.

Step 5

Evaluations: Halfway through the internship, the CDAE Internship Coordinator will solicit feedback from both the student and the internship site supervisor to make sure each party is meeting their goals and objectives. At the conclusion of the internship, the student and the internship site supervisor will each fill out an online evaluation of the overall internship experience. These evaluations will be administered by the CDAE Internship Coordinator through an online form.

*Note: Internships for CDAE students must be completed in the CDAE department.  Credits from outside the department will contribute toward general electives, but cannot count toward a student's CDAE degree requirements.