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The student is expected to keep a weekly journal describing the activities performed as well as a reflection about their experience.  These reports should be 2-4 paragraphs and are to be submitted to the CDAE Internship Coordinator/CDAE 296 Instructor on a weekly basis through this online form.  If a student fails to submit a weekly journal, their hours for that week will not be counted toward their overall credit hours.

Note: The structure of the internship is unique to each student and their internship site.  Therefore, the number of weeks devoted to the internship will vary based on the student. The amount of Weekly Journal assignments expected corresponds with the amount of time the student recorded in the Internship Contract that was completed prior to the start of the internship (i.e. if you are interning for 10 weeks, you are expected to complete 10 Weekly Journals). Any questions about this can be directed to the CDAE Internship Coordinator, Alie Sarhanis (alie.sarhani@uvm.edu).