Climate Change is Hurting Children’s Diets, Global Study Finds

Rising temperatures contribute to child malnutrition and reduced diet quality
A farmer woman walks with her two children in a farming village outside Dodoma, Tanzania

A first-of-its-kind, international study of 107,000 children finds that higher temperatures are an equal or greater contributor to child malnutrition and low quality diets than the traditional culprits of poverty, inadequate sanitation, and poor education.

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Macro shot of a colorado potato beetle, sitting on a leaf

Discovery: How Colorado Potato Beetles Beat Pesticides

The Colorado potato beetle is a notorious pest—and a kind of unstoppable genius.

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Farryl Bertmann

Bertmann Recognized for Leadership in Fighting Hunger

Farryl Bertmann has received the Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Leadership Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for her work in food security and nutrition assistance, and global food sovereignty.

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