A Summer On, Not Off

From internships and research to jobs and projects, there’s really no off-season when it comes to UVM’s academic ecosystem
UVM student Kira Hislop at the Campus Children's Center

Following the excitement of Commencement, the summer months that follow on campus may appear to pale in comparison to spring’s liveliness and rigor. That is, unless you know where to look.

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swede midge flying

Garlic on Broccoli: A Smelly Approach to Repel a Major Pest

Agricultural insect pests seek out familiar scents to find their plant hosts. However, they can also be repelled by odors from other plant species.

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Advice to an Incoming Student

Four years can go by fast. Before they walked across the commencement stage, we asked our newest graduates, "What do you wish you knew as an incoming student?" Hear their advice to the incoming class of UVM's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 
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