the grad students of the lab at Ben and Jerrys

Townso Lab Grad Students at the Ben & Jerrys factory Fall 2018

Dr. Townson and the lab started a new chapter at The University of Vermont in Fall of 2016! Dr. Townson took the position as Department Chair of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ASCI) Department at the University of Vermont. Although difficult to say good bye to colleagues and students at the University of New Hampshire Dr. Townson and his graduate student, Nicole, are excited to join the UVM community and take advantage of everything the university and Burlington, VT have to offer!

The Townson lab is a fun and exciting place to grow and learn! Our small close-knit research group works on a diverse set of research projects involving female reproductive physiology; immunology of ovarian function; follicular dynamics; and regulation of the corpus luteum. The current research in the Townson laboratory focuses on the relationships between the immune system and the reproductive system with regard to ovarian function and cancers of the female reproductive tract. Specifically, we study the local elaboration of molecules that attract and facilitate leukocyte recruitment, signaling mechanisms that influence cell fate decisions, and impacts of these processes as they relate to follicular growth and atresia, ovulation, function of the corpus luteum, and the development of certain cancers.  Studies encompass whole-animal, systems physiology to cellular and molecular biology.  Models include domestic livestock, rodents, primary cell culture, and immortal cell lines. When we aren’t working hard in the lab, we enjoy getting together for lab outings, including our annual Cinco de Mayo party and pumpkin carving contest! Graduates from the Townson Lab have gone on to attend Veterinary, Medical, and Graduate Schools, as well as establishing successful careers in industry.

Abby Maucieri

Abby with a cow at the farm

Abby Maucieri is originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a B.S. in Dairy Science as well as a B.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech in 2018.  During her undergraduate career at Virginia Tech, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Ben Corl helping in research involving fatty acid analysis and milking frequency. She gained interest in bovine reproduction through coursework, working on a dairy, and while assisting graduate students with their reproductive physiology research. She learned of Dr. Townson’s lab while interning at Miner Institute. She completed her Master's degree in Animal Science with Dr. Townson and is continuing to pursue her PhD with research focusing on bovine reproduction and infertility. In her spare time, Abby enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading, and swimming.

Dr. Townson sitting at a table


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Interested in being a graduate student in The Townson lab?

If you find your research interests align with our research goals, send Dr. Townson an e-mail including:

  1. A statement of your interests (including why you feel my lab is a good fit for you)
  2. Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
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Instructions outlining how to apply to the University of Vermont graduate program are on the UVM Graduate College website: UVM Graduate College


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.S., Michigan State University

Professional Positions

  1. Department Chair of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ASCI) Department at the University of Vermont



Work Address

104 Terrill, 570 Main Street, Burlington, VT  05405
Office:  (802) 656-1192
Lab: (802) 656-5479
Fax: (802) 656-8196

Publication Archive

Nicole Morin Jaskiewicz (UVM Lab Alumni)

Nicole Jaskiewicz grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and graduated from Colby-Sawyer College in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She had always planned on attending veterinary school, but when her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, Nicole realized her passion for biomedical research. She went on to complete her doctorate in Biochemistry with a minor in College Teaching at the University of New Hampshire in 2018 in the laboratory of Dr. David H. Townson. Her dissertation work focused on the role of Glycobiology, specifically O-GlcNAcylation, in cancer disease progression in cancers of the female reproductive tract. Her mother is now cancer free and is her greatest cheer leader! As a new post-doc in Dr. Townson’s lab here at UVM, Nicole will be investigating how some of these same mechanisms impact the ovary, folliculogenesis, and ultimately bovine reproduction and fertility. Outside of the lab Nicole enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Fiona. As a family they enjoy gardening, raising chickens, and hiking with their dog, Newton.

Allie Lundberg (UVM Lab Alumni)

Allie Lundberg is originally from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 2016. During her adventure at Iowa State, Allie developed a genuine interest and passion for essentially all topics relating to agriculture, livestock, and food systems. In an attempt to narrow her interests, she pursued the opportunity to work as an undergraduate research assistant to Dr. Patrick Gunn where she helped determine nutritional and estrous synchronization protocol effects on follicular development in beef cows.
Her continued interest in animal reproduction lead her to Dr. David Townson’s lab at the University of Vermont where she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Animal Science. Her research focuses on the cellular mechanisms that influence apoptosis of bovine granulosa cells as they pertain to follicular selection and atresia in the ovary. Outside of the lab, Allie enjoys being outside, eating and cooking new food, playing with her cat, and exploring New England.