ASCI 001 Lab at the Miller Farm









Mission Statement:

Deliver high quality undergraduate and graduate education: focusing on animals important to Vermont and the region, including dairy, equine, companion, zoo, and exotic animals through innovative and interactive approaches in teaching and learning.
Conduct world-class research to: support sustainable food animal production to feed a growing global population; reduce livestock's impact on the environment; improve animal health and well-being through nutrition, management, disease prevention and control; and to sustain and enhance human health by promoting food safety, quality, and value-added products.
Extend knowledge and education: in Animal Science to people of Vermont and the world.


Through teaching, research, and service, we strive to strengthen the ability of our students, faculty, and stakeholders to meet current and future local, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the field of Animal Science.  We envision that our graduates will serve society through application of their skills and knowledge, and will have a commitment to life-long learning and continued personal, intellectual, and social growth.