Bathing baby racoons

Kaitlin McGann washing baby racoons at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary (Newton, NJ)

The internship opportunities listed on this web site are a very small sampling of the internships available to any student interested in gaining hands-on experience in an animal-related field.  There are hundreds of other internship opportunities out there, both in the USA and abroad. You just have to take the time to find one that matches your interest and needs.

UVM Animal & Veterinary Sciences students:  Before looking at the lists I have compiled for you, please take the time to read through the frequently asked questions section on this page to find out how to find an internship and receive credit for it.

You must contact prior to the start of any internship if you want to receive academic credit. 

Non-UVM students:  Feel free to use this website to find internship opportunities. If you find one you are interested in, you should contact the provider directly. The opportunities listed here are not solely for UVM students. Anyone can apply.  If you are interested in receiving credit for your experience you should contact your advisor at your college.


Internship Opportunities

If you are a UVM student interested in studying abroad, you should contact UVM's Office of International Education to find out which abroad programs are currently approved by UVM. What's listed below are opportunities for hands-on experience. If you are a UVM student interested in receiving credit for any of these experiential learning opportunities, contact Fran Kinghorn before you leave.

    * Also an approved UVM study abroad program.

Companion Animals

Internship Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in joining e-mail lists and chat forums Dr. P's Dog Training is an excellent website with e-mail lists, chatrooms, forums, newsgroups, and resources covering all aspects of dog training, including aggressive behavior in dogs, problem solving without using harsh methods, and help for first time puppy owners.  One of Dr. P's suggested resources is DogThink, an online training site using positive reinforcement to train dogs for everyday life, agility & obedience, as well as building a better relationship between people & dogs.


Internship Opportunities

In addition to the internship opportunities listed below, you can visit EquineSite to see a listing of all equine stables and farms in the northeast.  Once in the site, just click on your state from the menu bar at the top.

Vermont Animal Shelters

Luckydog Animal Control Adoption Program
P.O, Box 71, Maple Hill Rd., Arlington, VT  05250
(802) 375-6121 

Central Vermont Humane Society
Mekklesen Hill Rd., Barre, VT  05641
(802) 476-3811 

Windham County Humane Society
916 W. River Rd., Rt. 30, Brattleboro, VT  05301
(802) 254-2232 

TARPS (The Animal Rescue and Protection Society)
PO Box 274, Chester, VT  05143
(802) 875-7777

Jacksonville Humane Society
Route 112, Jacksonville, VT  05342
(802) 368-2790

Homeward Bound
236 Boardman St. Middlebury, VT  05753
(802) 388-1100 

North Country Animal League
3524 Laport Rd., Rte 100, Morrisville, VT  05661
(802) 888-5065 

Frontier Animal Society of Vermont
4473 Barton Orleans Rd., Orleans, VT  05860
(802) 754-2228 

Rutland County Humane Society
765 Stevens Rd., Pittsford, VT  06763
(802) 483-6700 

Saint Albans
Franklin County Humane Society
30 Sunset Meadows, St Albans City, VT 05478
(802) 524-9650 

Second Chance Animal Center
Rte 7A, Box 620, Shaftsbury, VT  05262 
(802) 375-2898

South Burlington
Humane Society of Chittenden County
142 Kindness Court, South Burlington, VT  05603
(802) 862-0135 

Springfield Humane Society
399 Skitchewaug Trl, Springfield, VT  05156
(802) 885-3997

Underhiill Center
Pet Project
Underhill Center, VT  05489
(802) 899-2437 

White River Junction
Green Mountain Humane Society
43 N. Main St., White River Junction, VT  05001
(802) 296-7297

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society
Cox District Rd., Woodstock, VT  05091
(802) 457-3080

Veterinary Medicine

Internship Opportunities

Internships listed on this page are those that involve the student in a veterinary medical setting such as a clinic, hospital, or laboratory.  They are especially appropriate for preveterinary students and for those interested in veterinary assistant careers.

ASCI students routinely create their own internships at veterinary clinics and practices in Vermont and elsewhere by making direct contact and arrangements with veterinarians.  These are often carried out during the summer and close to home, but it is also possible do an internship for several credits during the semester at one of a number of Burlington area small animal clinics and large animal practices.  As with all other internships the usual requirements and guidelines apply for these internships.  See the "General Information .. " link in the main index.   See "Resources and Strategies .." link for suggestions about contacting prospective internship providers.  Contact Fran Kinghorn for additional information and suggestions.

Listed below are veterinary clinics and practices that have previously accepted UVM ASCI majors as interns:



New York:


An informative resource: Steps to Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Vermont

New Hampshire:

Finding Internships through Veterinary Associations:

Veterinary medicine has a number of specialties and professional associations of veterinarians working in those specialities.  Interested in animal behavior?  There is an association of veterinarians interested in and working in this field.   Reptiles? Zoo animals? Sled dogs? Acupuncture? .... there are associations of veterinarians who work in these, and many other, fields.  You can find and make contact with vets in these fields through their associations .  It is entirely possible to develop or locate excellent internship opportunities in this way. See "Resources and Strategies .." link for suggestions about how to go about this, or contact Fran Kinghorn, ASCI Internship Coordinator, for further advice.   The website below is a link to the American Animal Hospital Association that provides a few leads.

Learn how you can become a Vet Tech or Veterinarian

Wildlife, Conservation & Rehabilitation

Internship Opportunities

Zoos, Aquaria and Marine Mammals

Internship Opportunities

Finding your own zoos, aquaria & marine mammals internship:   If you have an interest in animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, education, as well as general animal husbandry and care, you will find internship opportunities at many zoos and aquaria.

Also see:

Internships in Ecology, Animal & Plant Biology, and Marine Science

Zoos and Aquariums

Student selfie with dog sled team in background