Traditional full-time MBA programs take two years, with the first year dedicated largely to “core courses” and the second year dedicated to electives in an area of specialization. So how does The Sustainable Innovation MBA deliver the critical content of an MBA program, plus a substantial amount of new material focused on sustainability and entrepreneurship… and do it in only 12 months?

  1. Focus on the Critical MBA Toolkit: Since we designed The Sustainable Innovation MBA from a clean sheet, we were able to select the most critical sets of core knowledge, skills, and capabilities that an MBA must know and include them in a redesigned format of one and two credit courses, each taught from the perspective of sustainable entrepreneurship. In addition, some of the “traditional” core content that could be easily learned remotely, is included in a carefully designed on-line module that students take before the actual start of classes. This allows us to bring everyone up to speed on the basics in areas like accounting, finance, and economics before you even start.
  2. Reduce or Eliminate Legacy Material: Like anything else, traditional MBA programs that have been in existence for a period of time have come to include material and content that might have served an important purpose at one time, but may no longer be crucial. It remains because it has become institutionalized as part of faculty teaching loads. With The Sustainable Innovation MBA, we were able to examine closely the curriculum and reduce or eliminate some non-essential “legacy” content. For example, with our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, we were able to eliminate some content related to administration of on-going enterprises; we also significantly reduced the time spent on areas like factory optimization, queuing theory, statistics, and manufacturing. Finally, the traditional focus on extensive manual calculations and problem sets has been reduced in favor of knowing where to go to get the latest and best quantitative work done.
  3. Bring an Integrated Focus on Sustainability. What makes The Sustainable Innovation MBA truly unique is its integration of the social and environmental challenges that the world faces into each and every course in the curriculum. In addition, we have added substantial new content that typically is not included (certainly not required) in traditional MBA Programs, including a focus on world challenges, natural capital, clean technology, innovation through collaboration, leading for transformational change, base of the pyramid business, poverty contexts, and co-creation skills.

Give us a year. Together we'll reinvent the way we do business.