The Sustainable Innovation MBA aims to develop the next generation of leaders who will build, disrupt, innovate, and reinvent sustainable business and enterprises in a world that demands it

The mission of the Sustainable Innovation MBA program is to prepare and train individuals to create profitable and sustainable business opportunities in a world undergoing transformational change. But what does this look like in practice? What sorts of jobs and opportunities does The Sustainable Innovation MBA prepare graduates to do? What kinds of organizations and networking opportunities does The Sustainable Innovation MBA offer that differentiate it from “traditional” MBA Programs?

The Sustainable Innovation MBA program is designed to train and launch change agents, rather than implementers. Whereas traditional MBA programs focus on training people for “executional” jobs in established firms—jobs in marketing, finance, and operations, for example—we focus on launching our graduates into four major career domains, described below. To do so, we’ve designed the curriculum to provide students with real world exposure to a host of world-class business leaders and entrepreneurs, and to project-based experiences that are crucial to developing the personal perspectives and skills needed to be an effective change in sustainable business. We’ve also worked to build and continuously expand our global network of partners, collaborators, and alumni who help connect our graduates to the jobs of the present, and the careers of the future. And we’re excited to offer our students an innovative and one-of-a-kind Career Launch System.

Career Launch System

The Sustainable Innovation MBA Career Launch System comprises four phases, the first of which starts Day 1 of Orientation Week, that include career coaching, skill development workshops, and networking opportunities. The Career Launch System is supported by a generous gift from Vermont Works. Learn more about the Launch process.

The Sustainable Innovation MBA focuses on four primary domains for placing our graduates:

  1. Intrapreneurs: Growing numbers of existing businesses and corporations have reached maturity or have even begun to decline. Many base businesses are built on yesterday’s unsustainable thinking and technology. Many more fail to reach the majority of humanity in the emerging and growth markets in the developing world. The Sustainable Innovation MBA builds the business skills to both incubate new, disruptive or leapfrog businesses within existing corporations, and to help lead the process of corporate transformation for those companies seeking to fundamentally transform themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  2. Consultants: Increasingly, the world of consulting is turning its attention to innovation, disruption, and corporate transformation rather than simply the continuous improvement of existing businesses and strategies. Our graduates are well suited to the emerging consulting practices focused on sustainability-driven innovation.
  3. Entrepreneurs: We target new ventures and start-ups that focus on tomorrow’s environmentally sustainable technology and socially inclusive business models. Our graduates are perfectly suited to help imagine, craft, and build such ventures. Some may—and already have—started their own.
  4. Investors: Increasingly, the world of finance is turning its attention to “impact,” “social,” and “sustainable” investing. The Sustainable Innovation MBA develops graduates who are well suited to understanding how to invest in and build new ventures that generate triple bottom line returns—socially, environmentally, and financially.