"This competition focus is on learning and growth while having a good time."

Luis Diaz Matajira, FECC Coach (2013 onwards), Universidad de los Andes, COLOMBIA

"It is great to see how much the students get out of participating in the competition. They learn so much, they meet other students from all over the world and create memories that they will remember for the rest of their lives."

Judith van Helvert, 2020 Coach, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The NETHERLANDS

"It was a great experience in Vermont, and the organization was just superb. Easily one of the most professional events I've been to among the 200+ events I have attended in the academic arena."

Mattias Nordqvist, Coach and Judge, Jönköping International Business School, SWEDEN

"This competition is really a learning platform, not only for students but also for coaches and every person that is involved in it. Students get along with everyone, they don't feel it as a competition where they can't get along with their "rivals", but more as an opportunity to learn from them."

María Begoña Cota Mendia, FECC 2020 Coach, Universidad Panamericana, MEXICO


"I was amazed at how perfectly the whole event was organized over the 5 days. The level of professionalism, coordination and collaboration seen amongst the organizers, ambassadors and coordinators is something unique and rare. Running such an event is a challenge that even professional event management specialists would possibly struggle with. To see a group of UVM students coming together and running the show the way they ran it - was just awesome! Hats off to you! Another amazing aspect of this competition is the friendly and welcoming environment throughout. Teams competing against each other still look out for each other, share ideas transparently and genuinely want others to do well. It is a magical thing to witness in today's world where competition usually means cutthroat. Kudos to the FECC team for fostering such a positive environment. I was promised by my coach that FECC will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime and he was definitely not wrong."

Bhaskar Ghadigachalam, FECC 2020 Graduate Competitor, University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

"The whole competition was extremely well organized and things were happening like clockwork every single day. It is almost impossible to believe that the organizing committee was entirely made up of UVM students. There was an elevated sense of professionalism about how things were organized, which is hard to see elsewhere. The UVM team should be extremely proud of their efforts."

FECC 2020, Graduate Student Competitor

"Resilience, underdog, winning and friends are words that come to my mind when I think about FECC 2020. I have made great new friends from all over the world. After a bad start we managed to get to the finals and we came 2nd in the undergraduate league."

Andy van Elck, FECC 2020 Undergraduate Competitor, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the NETHERLANDS

"I was incredibly impressed with the hospitality and organization of this competition that seamlessly blended warm vibes with competitive spirit. The eco system created by FECC feels like a different world all together and the spirit of excellence is well honed in. It was a life changing experience for me and I will always carry the experience in my heart as well as the friends and connections I gained from the competition. The cases presented were extremely well written and challenging. My evolution as a leader and human being was accelerated at a rate that normal life does not allow, and for that I will be forever grateful to this experience."

Ruchi Nadkarni, FECC 2020 Graduate Competitor, UVM

"It was an incredible experience and I very much enjoyed meeting everyone as well. I fell in love with the area and the people so much so that it convinced me to include Burlington in my job search."

Gloriann Lopez, ESADE Graduate Competitor, SPAIN

"I want to take over my family business with my three siblings in Quebec, Canada. FECC helped me to understand the key aspects of both business and family. It will be beneficial for my future career."

Jean-Simon Gagnon, FECC 2020 Undergraduate Competitor, Bishop's University, CANADA

"The FECC is one of the experiences that I am most grateful for and will definitely remember in my life. I feel I made some incredible friends and developed my professional skills. I had an amazing week and I hope many more students can have this experience because it is definitely worth it. Even though Vermont is cold, you felt warm because of the warmth of the organizers and competitors."

FECC 2020 Undergraduate Competitor




"This is a first class event.  It isn't just about competition, but camaraderie, learning, sharing and meeting diverse students and judges from around the world."

Jim Keller, Sponsor and Judge, USA

"Diversity of participants’ background made the FECC a rich and inspiring experience for all."

Agus W. Soehadi, FECC 2020 judge, Dean, Prasetiya Mulya University, INDONESIA

"This world-class case competition provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to apply their classroom learnings towards solving complex family business cases. This innovative approach to education allows students to showcase their problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills, business acumen, and innovative presentation techniques on a global stage."

Catherine Faherty, FECC 2020 judge, Assistant Professor at DCU Business School, IRELAND

"It was really rewarding and life changing event to me. Thank you very much again."

Takao Kawamoto, Case author and FECC 2016 judge, JAPAN

"FECC is an excellent learning opportunity for competitors and judges alike.  It's fascinating to hear the different recommendations and have thought provoking discussions about family businesses with people from all over the globe!"

Sarah Perda, UVM '14, 2020 FECC Judge, GE Healthcare, USA

"The FECC combines two most important factors contributing to family business sustainability: A motivated next generation and an innovative approach to education. We have greatly enjoyed watching this event grow year by year and become the global success it deserves to be."

Ramia M. El Agamy, FECC Judge, Editor-in-Chief, Tharawat Magazine, UAE and SWITZERLAND



"FECC has been one of the best experiences I have had not only within the Grossman business school, but at UVM as a whole."

Ryan Waystack, FECC 2020 Senior Lead Coordinator

"FECC is a great opportunity to network in the business world and make new lifetime friends."

Kiera O'Brien, FECC 2020 UVM Ambassador

"I am absolutely thrilled to have been part of FECC! It was such an incredible experience to be able to gain exposure to many different cultures and communicate with people of such high status. I wish I had done it starting my first year here at UVM."

Jana Gailiunas, FECC 2016 UVM Ambassador