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Kim Nolan holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and a M.Ed. from Boston University in Counseling Psychology. Her undergraduate years were spent at UVM – designing her own major and romping around campus as the school mascot (go cats go!). Kim is an ordained Buddhist chaplain and a lifelong advocate for social justice and human rights. She is an appointed member of the Vermont Commission on Women 

Kim has worked closely with leaders and diverse teams for over 30 years, helping create engaged, equitable, and just work environments that make a positive impact on the world. A community-based leader, educator, and practitioner, Kim facilitates collaborative processes, builds safe relationships and achieves desired outcomes within larger systems. Recognized as an effective and compassionate leader, she facilitates JEDI trainings, transforms vision into strategic plans with executive teams, and provides leadership coaching and mentorship. Kim is the Founder and Executive Director of the Dignity Foundation, working at the intersection of cultural transformation, leadership & change management, and contemplative science. Bringing 30+ years of experience, Kim’s interdisciplinary approach creates safe space to explore innovative pathways toward personal development, organizational change and enhanced systems thinking. After several years of affiliation with the Sustainable Innovation MBA program at UVM, as adjunct faculty, DEI trainer and leadership advisor, Kim has stepped into the Graduate Programs Director role at the Grossman Business School.

Prior to this work, Kim served as Head of People & Culture at City Market Co-op, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Mindfulness Studies at Lesley University, Program Officer of the Mind and Life Institute - designing the Academy of Contemplative and Ethical Leadership, and served as Department Chair of Integral Psychology at Burlington College in Vermont, where she founded The Institute of Contemplative Studies.  Kim lives with her dog in Shelburne, VT. She is thrilled her daughter has returned to live in Vermont.


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