From Pablo Escobar to FARC.....
The University of Vermont School of Business Administration Hoffman Family Business Lecture Series is proud to welcome UVM alum, Carlos Enrique Cavelier.
Cavelier is the President of Alquería Dairy, the number one private processor of liquid milk in Colombia, and the major processor of the Andean Group in UHT milk production.

In addition to graduating from UVM, Cavelier earned a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and returned to Colombia to work as Assistant Professor at the Universidad de los Andes, and was elected a member of the City Council of Cajicá, State Senator and Congressman for Cundinamarca. He was later appointed Senior Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for the National Rehabilitation Plan and Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice.

He has led various business initiatives, especially focused around strengthening the productivity of small dairy farmers in a traditionally former guerrilla area involving nearly 1,500 families. In 2007 he joined the Board of Directors of the Universidad de los Andes, and currently serves on its Executive Committee, he also served as Senior Advisor for Education for the Governor of the State of Cundinamarca. Carlos also serves as President of the Board of the Bogotá Food Bank, Vice-President of the Board of the Colombian Association of Food Banks, and Board Member of the Global Food Banking Network, The Colombian Association of Entrepreneurs for Education, the Colombian Competitiveness Council and the Barraquer Ophthalmological Clinic.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carlos as this spring’s Hoffman Family Business Lecture Speaker,” said Dean Sanjay Sharma.  “We believe Carlos’s fascinating background and global work experience will intrigue and inspire our students.”

Aside from his speech, his visit includes breakfast with a select group of honors students and a meeting with UVM President, Tom Sullivan.

The Hoffman Family Business Lecture Speaker event will be held on Wednesday, April 2 at the Billings Library, beginning 11:45 a.m.


John M Turner